Code Vein is More Than An Anime Themed Dark Souls Clone, Explains Hiroshi Yoshimura

While on the surface, Bandai Namco’s upcoming Action RPG Code Vein may look like an Anime Dark Souls, the game director Hiroshi Yoshimura recently talked about how the game is so much more despite having the aesthetic design which suggests otherwise.

Even the teasers for the game before it was officially revealed hinted at something along the same lines of Dark Souls franchise and Hiroshi doesn’t deny it, calling Code Vein

Dark Souls-ish, dungeon action RPG. Because I’m the creator of God Eater, there’s a lot of character behind the story and drama behind the story, too. We do have that unique flavor of narrative in there, so we wanted to feature that within the dungeon action RPG genre.

Of course, like numerous other Dark Souls inspired franchises out there, including From Software’s very own Bloodborne, Code Vein adds a unique flavor of its own to the tried and tested formula. In the world of Code Vein, the players and other characters they encounter will be vampires so they are pretty strong to begin with. Despite that, they aren’t invincible as they need blood to survive.

Hiroshi Yoshimura also mentioned that the pace of Code Vein gameplay will differ a lot from traditional Action RPG games. The developers are trying to strike a perfect balance between the combat and pacing of Dark Souls and hack n slash games like Devil May Cry or even God Eater, the previous game that the developers are well known for.

Code Vein is currently set for an early 2018 release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. After the initial reveal, some new gameplay footage was shown at E3 2017 which gave us a look at some of the side characters and the overall combat of the game. Last week, Bandai Namco released some more information regarding two of the important side characters from the game.

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