Code Vein Dark Depths Dungeon Maps Locations Guide

In this Code Vein Dark Depths Dungeon Maps Locations guide we will take a look at all the depths in Code Vein. We will discuss where to find these dungeons and the maps required to access them in Code Vein.

Code Vein Dark Depths Locations and Maps

Code Vein dark depths are the dungeons or bonus areas that reward you with different items throughout the game. Around the world, you find the maps for Dark Depths but you can’t access the locations immediately. To access the locations, every time that you get the map, you have to visit your Home Base where you are going to talk to Davis, an NPC in Code Vein.

Davis tells you about the challenges that you face in the dungeons and the rewards you might get for it, like Haze. These Depths even have keys that open up more bosses and loot Chests.

Whenever, at whatever time that you want to visit the Depths, you just have to go to Davis from where you will head for the depths.

Locations and Maps

The difficulty of the Dark Depths increases as you find more and more maps. If you are unable to finish a map, just leave it until you think you are ready and then you can access the map again.

Below are the locations of all maps for the Dark Depths that you are going to find in Code Vein.


Den of Dead
Go to the Ruined City Underground, where you are going to find the map for your first dungeon. It will be present near a dead body. This will be present with a stair set south of the Outer Crossroad Mistle.

Den of Darkness
Go south after entering the Outer Crossroads where you are going to find the map.  The merchant Shang will have the map for this dungeon.

Town of Sacrifice
You will find this map on the Dried-Up Trenches on the corpse of a soldier you will find by going up a ladder. This is near the Decayed Ship Interior.

Flood of Impurity
During the main story, you are going to be asked to activate the Goddess statue. After the activation, follow the path till the end of the Cave where you are going to find this map after climbing the ladder. After the activation, you will see that it will lower a ladder down for you, do not climb on it and just follow the path till the end of the Cave where there is another ladder, climb up that ladder and you are going to find this map in the corner

Misty Ruins
In Crypt Spire, at the end of the level you are going to find a pathway that will lead you to a locked door and a lever. You will find the map once you take the pathway to your right.

Zero District
After you defeat Queen Revenants Reborn boss in the story, just go down the ladder where you’ll find the map.

Void District
You will find this map at Provisional Government Center. Go to the starting Mistle and then turn right. When you will get to the door that can be used as a shortcut back to this mistle. Turn right from this door and you will find the map next to a second door.

Swirling Floods
In the Outer Crossroads, you are going to find a merchant named Shang who sells valuables. In order to get the map, you have to interact with him. When you complete his first quest then there will be another task for you. This will be to protect this merchant from Lost.

Then you will have to take out the Cathedral of Sacred Blood and the Successor of the Ribcage boss. When you are done with this, talk to Shang and he’ll hand you the map.

Cliffs of Rust
In the Dried up Trenches, you are going to encounter Self-Important Revenant from whom you’ll receive the map. After completing the first step of the quest called Self Important Revenant in the Parking Garage present in Ruined City Center. Go to the Decayed Ship Interior have a chat for the map.

Silent White
Once you are done with the Swirling Floods map, you are going to get the map for this Depth from a merchant called Shang.

Arachnid Grotto
Once you are done with Gustav’s quest on Intel gathering, you are going to receive the map in Ashen Cavern

Rocky Ruins
Once you are done with the Self-Important Revenant you can meet Richard at the Ruined City Underground where you are going to find the map. You can find Richard at the locations mentioned below:

  • Howling Pits: Hall of Deception Mistle
  • Ridge of Frozen Souls Entrance: In order to get there, you will have to walk on the main path and you will get to a pit and drop to the left.
  • Ruined City Underground: Go to the Natural Cavern Depths Mistle and you will find it next to it.

Tower of Trials I, II and III
You will have to talk to Davis in order to get the map for Tower of Trials I, II and III. You have to go to the Depths exploration menu. This tower is present in the Crypt Spire but it is not connected to the location in any way, When you have finished the whole game, only then all three of these towers are unlocked. But you have to continue without getting the New Game.

You will find the maps on Louis’ desk present in the Home Base. All three of these towers have half a dozen battles, each more daunting than the last.

Fiery Oblivion
You can only find this Depth if you have the Hellfire Knight DLC. In order to get to this depth, you will have to find the map called Fiery Oblivion. You can find this map between the Provisional Government and the Crypt Spire, in the hallway there. After you are done with the Juzo Mido’s Boss room, head down the stairs and you will find the map.

Celestial Ice Prison
The Celestial Ice Prison is also only available in the Hellfire Knight DLC. To find its map, just head to the Upper portion of the Crypt Spire which is the prison. You will get to the celestial ice prison. There you will have to fight the Frozen Empress of the Great Collapse Horror. She is the one who has control of ice-elemental attacks with the use of its cold iron armor.

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