Code Vein Blood Veils Guide – Blood Veil Builds, Types of Blood Veils

Blood Veil is basically armor that your character has that helps you to be able to do drain attacks according to the armor that you have. There are different methods that help you do drain attacks and get Ichor in return.

The exclusive mechanism that is used by a blood veil to suck blood is visible at the moment blood is being transported to the wearer’s mouth using a pipe. We have compiled a guide breaking down the entire Blood Veils system in Code Vein.

Code Vein Blood Veils

Blood Veils provide defense and the best part is that it makes your character look good. You can find Blood Veils in chests, they could be dropped by enemies, NPCs can provide you with them, you can get them as a reward when complete quests and you can even buy them from merchants.

They are very important for Builds and have certain effects on weapons and stats. When you level up your stats are also increased and how those stats are allocated is determined by Blood Veils.

Here’s is a list of all the blood veils present in the game:

Name Type Description Required Scaling Attack Type Drain Rate Weight
Night Claw Ogre An Ogre-type Blood Veil with a traditional style for revenants. D+ D D A C C Slash 0.5 38
Venous Claw Ogre An Ogre-type Blood Veil. Slash 18
Night Spear Stinger A Stinger-type Blood Veil with a traditional style for revenants. D+ D+ E+ C+ C+ D+ Pierce 1 65
Night Fang Hounds A Hounds-type Blood Veil with a traditional style for revenants. D+ C+ E D+ D+ Slash 0.7 60
Hedgehog Fort Hounds An Hounds-Type Blood Veil that enhances attack. D+ D C+ C+ D C B+ Slash 0.7 80
Night Thorn Ivy An Ivy-type Blood Veil with a traditional style for revenants. D+ D+ D+ D+ C+ C+ Pierce 0.85 24

Blood Veils give you protection against:

  • Cut
  • Blunt
  • Pierce
  • Blood
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Sturdyness
  • Vampire Resistance

Blood Veil Builds
It may look like it’s difficult to put together builds in the game. You might be bothered by the overly complicated names of components but there’s no need to worry.

Code Veins majorly related to Vampires hence you would be seeing the term Blood such as Blood veils and Blood Codes, although they are referred to as revenants but why make it complicated when you can clearly see them sucking blood using their fangs. So, duh! They are vamps.

Before getting into builds you need to keep in mind to not worry too much about which Blood Code you have to use because they are the cornerstone of every combat build and because you can change them anytime and experiment all you want.

In the beginning, your skill use will be restricted by Blood Code and later on you will get the ability to “Inherit” Skills because of which even if you use a different Blood Code, you’d still be able to use those skills.

Following are the blood codes from the game along with some tips about the Gifts you should use with them:

  1. Fighter
  2. Ranger
  3. Caster
  4. Berserker

Initially, you get three choices of Blood Codes and out of those you get the most physical attack power, health and ability to carry the heaviest weapons with this one.

You get two passive and three active gifts with the Fighter Blood Code initially which leaves you with four slots for other passive skills. Because of being a fighter, your base Ichor would be 16 which tell us that you won’t have a lot of it to use.

In case you also want to try out the skill that other Blood codes offer, the better bet is Ranger or Berserker.

You get two passive skills with this class; Stamina Boost and Guard Ability along with less focused active skills. The first one of those is a small projectile, Venom debuff is applied to your weapons using the Venom Mark, you also get a supercharged dodge ability and you will get all the loot in your vicinity identified using the Spoils Spotter.

You will have to import gifts from the hunter class in order to make this build more focused when you can. These gifts could be Ranged impact and flame spike.  This class also only allows 16 Ichor, the same as the Fighter so use it wisely.

This is also one of the three default classes with a greater focus on gifts. You get almost double the amount of Ichor with this which gives you more room to cast when you want during small fights but use it wisely when in boss fights.

You get four initial skills instead of five, the active skills among these are the ranged active skills Blood Shot and Blazing Roar, while the passive skills that increase the drain ability on your weapon and make Dark-type Gifts more effective.

We discussed the three default Blood Code types before and now we will discuss the First non-default Blood Code that you can get in the game. Its focus is also om damage and high health similar to a fighter, but you only get 10 ichor with this class which the lowest of them all.

Most of your combat will be at close range which would make it easier for you to regain Ichor by using light and heavy strikes against enemies after you have used up your Ichor.

You get six initial skills, out of which only one of is a passive skill which is Balance Up. Their focus is on damage resistance or dealing damage. You can also include skills from the Fighter class for extra damage.

Because of the low Ichor contained by this class, you have to carefully plan out how you are going to use Ichor beforehand because you don’t have enough of it to waste.

Just choose the best Blood Veil and weapon for your class and you would be good to go. You can use these Blood Veils for:

When you parry an enemy successfully, Blood veil and the drain attacks associated with it are used.

Charge Attacks
Your Blood Veil is also utilized during charge attacks, which can be performed by pressing and holding A on Xbox and X on PS4 and Ctrl+LMB on PC.

Backstab attacks also use Blood Veil. To perform them just go behind an enemy and the button used for light attacks which will let you do a drain attack utilizing the Blood Veil.

The animation of attacks will vary depending on the Drain Attack Type and the Blood Veil you have.

Upgrading Blood Veins;
You have the ability to upgrade your blood veil similar to how you upgrade your weapons even at the same vendor. You would need Queen’s Metal and Haze to get these upgrades, the bigger the upgrade the more currency you need.

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