COD Infinite Warfare: How To Turn On Power In Zombies In Spaceland

By turning on the power switches in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare's Zombies in Spaceland map, you can access utilities like traps, perks, portals and more!

In Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Zombies in Spaceland map, there are five power switches/generators. Each switch is responsible for powering each of the five main areas. In addition to their power, these generators grant you access to several utilities.

These utilities include traps, perks, and portals leading to the center of the map. In this guide, we’ll go over the locations of all five power generators in COD Infinite Warfare Zombies in Spaceland.

Spawn Area Power Generator

To find the first power generator, head left from the Spawn Area and inside the room on the opposite side of the Quick-Revive machine. Once inside the room, you need to interact with the box on the right-hand side wall to activate the first generator.

Galaxy Journey Power Generator

For the second power generator, clear the debris in front of Journey into Space and pass by the cinema directly behind it. Here, you’ll spot the Galaxy Journey building and sign. Head to the left side of the building and clear the debris again.

Head over to the Star Mission sign, hug the path to your right, and continue to the stairs in front of you. Follow the passageway to find the Power Generator on the left wall.

Astrocade Power Generator

To find the third generator, head right from the Journey into Space sign and up the stairs to find the arcade. Clear the debris and enter the building. Once there, take a right immediately after the gateway to find the generator next to a window.

Kepler System Power Generator

For the fourth power generator, head through the Kepler System sign on the left of the main hub area. Clear the debris and head left, where you’ll find yet another debris blockade. Clear the debris once more and press forward in the narrow hallway.

Once you’re out of the hallway, hug the wall to your left and head up the stairs. Here, you’ll spot the Moonlight Café sign. The power generator is located on the left exterior wall of the café.

Polar Peak Power Generator

For the final Power Switch, head to the Polar Peak theme park (located directly below Triton), clear the debris and head up the stairway. Once you emerge into a room, take a right and stick to the left side of the next room to find a ramp that will take you further up.

At the end of the ramp, you’ll find another debris blockade. Clear it, and you’ll find the last generator on the wall to your left.

What happens when you turn on all generators in Zombies in Spaceland?

When you turn on the individual power generators, you’ll gain access to items like perks, traps, and shortcuts. However, when you activate all five generators in Zombies in Spaceland in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, you’ll gain access to the Pack-a-Punch machine, which allows you to buff your weapons.

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