Cliff Bleszinski Claims Bulletstorm 2 is in Development

According developer Cliff Bleszinski, former People Can Fly developers have bought Bulletstorm 2 and are working on a sequel.

Bulletstorm released back in 2011 and received plenty of praise from critics. However, sales weren’t as good as developer People Can Fly would have liked to see.

Fans who loved this Gears of War style shooter wanted a sequel, but Epic didn’t say much about this at the time. Formerly at Epic Games, Cliff Bleszinski, has now claimed that some original developers from People Can Fly have bought Bulletstorm from Epic Games.

He also claims that these developers are working on Bulletstorm 2:

These original devs from People Can Fly is yet to confirm this news, so until they do, we’ll file this news under “rumor.” People have been talking about Bulletstorm 2 for a while. It was previously revealed that the game was indeed under development, but was later cancelled by Epic Games.

This statement from Cliff does give hope to fans wanting Bulletstorm 2. If there are plans for another game, we should hear more of it in the near future.

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