Clash Royale Gems Spending Guide – How to Maximize Rewards

Clash Royale gems are hard to acquire, which is why you need to be thoughtful of where to spend them. While you acquire a handful of gems at the start of the game, you can run out of them fairly quickly if you aren’t careful with them.

You can also buy more gems using real money, but then again, all the more reasons to be careful in spending them.

Clash Royale Gems Guide

This guide basically details everything you need to know about maximizing output when it comes to spending gems and how to spend them efficiently!

Clash Royale Gems Spending Guide

Buy Gold
Probably the best thing that you can do with your gems is to buy gold. You can acquire 1,000 gold for 60 gems, 10,000 gold for 500 gems, and 100,000 gold for 4,500 gems.

After accumulating enough gold, head to shop and purchase your desired cards. The reason I do not recommend chests is because of the whole hit and trial thin. There are chances that you will get cards that you do not need from chests.

However, if you are fine with opening chests, you can acquire multiple cards and a handful of gold from them.

Purchasing Gold is Better than Chests
As mentioned earlier, there is no telling which cards will you get by opening chests. There are chances that you will get cards which you already have. While this is a good thing when it comes to upgrading, but sometimes, this is not something you need.

If you have a ton of Clash Royale gems at your disposal [bought from real money] it is a good idea to buy gold from them and then buy a combination of epics, rare, and common cards from the Clash Royale shop.

Tip to Progress Fast
It is a good idea to donate cards to your clan which will net you experience as well as some gold. Furthermore, you should also try and buy daily rare and common card which costs only 40 gold.

However, if you donate the card, you will get 50 gold and 10 experience which is huge for progressing as fast as possible!

Lastly, do not forget to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!

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