Clash Royale Best Cards Guide With List of Worst Cards to Avoid and Why

Clash Royale Best Cards guide to help you play the best cards and avoid the worst cards and why you should avoid playing them in the first place.

Clash Royale cards guide to help you differentiate between the best and the worst cards in the game.

Since there is a plethora of available cards in Clash Royale, it is a good idea to learn which cards to spend your elixir on and which are the cards that you should probably avoid!

Clash Royale Best and Worst Cards

This guide basically details of what think are the top-5 best and worst cards in Clash Royale. You can also share your own list of best and worst Clash Royale cards with us in the comments section below:

Clash Royale Best Cards

Baby Dragon
Probably the best card in the game, BD can easily eliminate anything in its way, however, Musketeer, Tesla, and Inferno Towers can trade with it. If you do not the units, let BD lock onto a tower and use Spear Goblins and Arrows to deal damage.

Lastly, it is important to note that BD does not deal much tower damage, but other than this, it can eliminate most of the units with its splash damage alone.

Since the card can dish out damage to both aerial and round troops at the same time; it makes it one of the most versatile cards in the game.

In addition to this, the Baby Dragon is not insanely vulnerable against the Fireball and only costs 4 Elixir which is quite less than the Witch and Wizard.

The card is quite agile, tanky, and deal a lot of damage which is increased by x2 on the next hit. As for countering it, you can use Skeleton Army, Tombstones, Goblins, and Spear Goblins.

Deploy them in such a way that Prince receives max tower damage. You essentially need to distract the Prince while the tower does its job and eliminates it.

One of the best things about Prince is that the card can be used to both as an offensive and as a defensive tool. However, when on offense, it does not hurt to couple it with a couple of other ranged units.

Dark Prince
Although the card is capable of one-shotting Goblins and Spear Goblins. However, you can use troops such as the Barbarians to deal with it!

Where the Prince can fall to a horde of enemies, the Dark Prince does not and thanks to its splash damage; it can eliminate the horde with a single shot. Aside from splash damage, DP is a whole less powerful than the Prince.

But it goes without saying that the Dark Prince can be used both on offense as well as on defense. Last but not the least; the DP costs only +4 elixir which is 1 less than the Prince card.

An alone Golem does not pose much of a threat and can be dealt with Skeletons, Spear Goblins, and Goblins.

However, if a Goblin is with other supporting troops; you need to ensure that you deal with those first and then focus on the Golem. Do note that you can also use Inferno Towers to et through an army of Golems – not a problem!

Despite the fact that the card costs about +8 elixir to use, the card’s overall HP, overall damage output, and the ability to produce Golemites after the death justifies it all.

The card basically slows and deals damage to all units in a fixed area-of-effect. Since the card can easily eliminate Minions or Goblins; you need to spread them out and prevent them from entering the area-of-effect.

The card only costs +4 elixir which is really justified when it comes to eliminating low HP troops and also slowing down larger adversaries.

One of the best methods of using the Poison card is to combine it with Arena Tower and watch the enemies unable to break through your line of defense.

Clash Royale Worst Cards

Royal Giant
The card can be dealt with in the same way as the Giants – the card is similar to Giants, but are ranged and possess less HP.

The card not only costs insane +6 elixir, but is also relatively slow and vulnerable. The card targets buildings, but considering the fact that its damage output is insanely low; you cannot expect it to do any good.
Keeping these things in view, you are better off choosing another card in its place.

You can use Fireball or Arrows to counter rage and protect your towers from going down.

One important thing that you need to know about rage is that it only provides the units with additional speed, and not with extra power. The card provides about 40% speed boost which is not good even on slower troops in the game.

Once again, you are better off playing some other card instead of rage.

Three Musketeers
The card requires +10 elixir and can be dealt with Fireball. If the Fireball is not sufficient, you can call in Arrows in order to complete the job.

Depending upon how the card is played, the card can be considered as either the best or the worst. As mentioned earlier, the card costs 10 elixir and can be countered with a single Fireball which costs 4 elixir – the choice is yours!

Skeleton Army
The card is quite good for surrounding and eliminating large threats, but struggle against BD, Wizard, Bombers, and almost anything with splash damage.

Depending upon the situation, you can use the card to form a good defense, but do note that almost every splash damage dealer in the game can eliminate them along with Arena Tower, Tombstones, Barbarians, Arrows, and Zap.

This card deals splash damage all around; but can easily be eliminated with a Knight. You can also use Barbarian, but expect the card to sustain some damage during the fight.

Although Valkyrie is not a bad card, it is easily countered which is why it made it to the list. You can call upon Baby Dragon and Dark Prince in order to deal with the card in rather efficient manner. Aside from this, the inability to engage aerial troops make it far from ideal in the late game.

This is all we have on our best and worst Clash Royale cards. Do not forget to share your own list with us in the comments section below!

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