Civilization VI Rome Strategy Guide – Unique Abilities, Leader, Best Victories

Civilization VI Rome Strategy Guide to help you get a firm hold of its leader Trajan, its unique abilities, victories, and how to play as this civilization.

Civilization VI Rome Strategy Guide to help you get a firm hold of its leader Trajan, its unique abilities, best victories, and tips on how to play around the civilization.

Trajan is the leader of the Roman Empire and he is an excellent soldier. The man is responsible for imperial expansion in its history. He comes with his own unique skills, motive, abilities etc.

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Civilization VI Rome Strategy Guide

Our Civilization VI Rome Strategy Guide will help you better understand how to play as Trajan.

Rome Empire and Trajan Unique Abilities include:

  • Civilization’s Unique Ability – All Roads Lead to Rome: Cities start with a Trading Post and those near your Capital with get a free road going to them.
  • Civilization’s Unique Unit – Legion: Expensive but stronger than Swordsman. They can also be used as military engineers.
  • Unique Infrastructure – Bath: Provides more amenities and housing, replaces Aqueduct.
  • Leader’s Unique Ability – Trajan’s Column: Additional City Centre building for new cities.

Roman Empire Key Points

All Roads Lead to Rome
It is not very different from the  ‘Brave New World’ form trade from Civilization V. This time around, your traders will be laying road between different your cities. This ability will build trade posts that are crucial for trade routes.

Trading posts will automatically be built in cities you create or capture.  Same is the came with roads, start building between cities within trade route range of your capital. Trading posts add +1 Gold and boost the amount of Gold you earn from trading routes.

We are talking one extra gold for each city the route travels through. The best course of action here is to make traders pass through as many cities as possible before they reach their destination.

The roman legion will replace swordsman in Civilization VI. You can create these by upgrading your Warriors, Legion comes with 40 combat strength and is very useful if you wish to have territorial gains early on in Civilization VI.

You should use the coin you earn from making traders pass through the city after city to upgrade. Note that you can also use Legion to build a limited amount of roads and they will not die in the process. You also need to know that maintenance cost.

Housing is a major change for the new game and one that will get a little getting used to long time players. Your city’s growth depends on the quality and availability of the housing in your cities.

Meanwhile, Roman building replaces aqueducts and use their own tiles similar to City Center and other districts. You need to work towards getting Engineering technology as soon as possible so can build Roman buildings.

The tile you use should be near a city, river or any source of water you can find. It will give you a +6 housing or +2 if your city was already adjacent to a source of water.It also increases happiness by 1. Building baths are crucial for increasing your population.

Which Victory to Pursue – Rome and Trajan

Rome’s abilities offer rapid growth and civic advancement so expect to have a major chance to win in Culture and Space Race. It would take a long time before you reach the modern era, though, but your hard work will pay off.

Playing as Trajan you will have access to a decent amount of  housing, coin, and culture. Veteran players may find Trajan less challenging though. If you wish to challenge yourself, try to get the  Religious victory.

However, for whoever that chooses to play as Trajan, it is best to go for scientific and cultural victories. Rome’s rich history and culture are not different from what we see in the game so it better to keep in mind that Rome and Trajan have an upper hand when it comes to Culture and Civic-tree wonders. Building classics like the Colosseum should land you a +2 Culture and +3 Amenities in 6 nearby tiles.

Build cities around the Colosseum to get adjacent bonuses.

You should also work for Bolshoi Theater for +2 Great Writer and Great Musician. Focus Tourism and increase a number of wonders you build. Pursuing Cultural victory should be combined with policies that help you increase the production of wonders.

We recommend:

  • Corvee – early game
  • Gothic Architecture – mid-game
  • Skyscrapers – late game

Tourism boosting policies can be accessed a little late in the game.

Meanwhile, pursuing science is best done by creating campus districts adjacent to mountains as this will give you related bonuses and points.

‘Natural Philosophy’ economic policy is the right way to go if science is your thing. This gives you twice the amount of bonus than usual and more science gains.

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