Civilization VI America Strategy Guide: Unique Abilities, Leader, Best Victories

Civilization VI America Strategy Guide to help you get a firm hold of its leader Teddy Rosevelt, its unique abilities, best victories, and tips on how to play around the civilization.

Teddy Rosevelt is the leader of the American Civilization. The leader comes with his own unique ability that lets him earn all government legacy bonuses in half the time.

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Civilization VI America Strategy Guide

Our Civilization VI America Strategy Guide will help you understand the best way to play with Teddy.

American Civilization Key Points

  • Civilization’s Unique Unit – P-51 Mustang: +5 attack against fighter planes, +2 flight range, +50% experience gain Replaces the Fighter.
  • Unique Infrastructure – Film Studio: +100% Tourism pressure on other Civilizations. Replaces Broadcast Centre.
  • Unique Ability – Roosevelt Corollary: +5 Combat Strength for units on home soil. +1 Appeal to tiles in National Park city. Research Rifle Technology to earn Rough Rider unit.
  • Unique Unit – Rough Rider: Lower maintenance cost, +10 Combat Strength on hills.

Founding Fathers

It is a highly useful ability that lets you cut down the time in takes to gain Govt. legacy bonuses. You will be getting double the bonus in less time so be trigger happy with this ability of yours.

Keep an eye on oligarchy which can access via research on political philosophy. Meanwhile, fascism comes later in the game.

P-51 Mustang

Replacing the Fighter, P.15 Mustang costs the same in terms of production and maintenance. With the Mustang, you get +5 attack against fighter planes, +2 flight range, +50% experience gain Replaces the Fighter. The best use of this unit is to take down modern enemy aircraft.

Thanks to its mobility and stats, the mustang can take on tanks and take over cities.

Film studio

The studio is a  powerful cultural entity and will help you keep your cities happy and grow the population. It is replacing Broadcast Center but its job is pretty much the same. It will boost your tourism and put +100% Tourism pressure on other Civilizations.

Film studio can help with a Cultural victory.

War or Culture?

American Empire has many military perks that can lead to a domination victory for Teddy Roosevelt. For example, Roosevelt Corollary gives you +5 Combat Strength for units on home soil. +1 Appeal to tiles in National Park city. Research Rifle Technology to earn Rough Rider unit.

However, achieving such a victory is not as easy as one may think while playing as America. You would need to take over Capitals of other civilizations in order to win, which difficult when you think about how you need to cross the seas and use your valuable resources. Of course, other civs won’t be happy with your tactics as well.

America has many wonders and buildings that can help it achieve a cultural victory. We suggest going for a Cultural win rather than waging war across the globe.

Keep in mind that whichever way you go you will need to have different kinds of wonders, governments and policies. It is better to decide what you need to do early on in the game. However, Culture comes into play in the modern era, it’s tricky play.

With Culture you need to focus on tourism, increase population, and buildings that put cultural pressure on other civs.  Work for wonders like The Colosseum, Sydney Opera House, Pyramids etc.

Work on Wonders that will give you buffs, resources, and new units. They will boost your empire and even though there different wonders, Cultural ones work the best.

Meanwhile, those looking to take over the world should work on Terracotta Army wonder and the Alhambra. They will promote your military units, create special units, help forts, add extra military policy slot to every government. Rhur Valley is a great wonder to create if you are looking for a military win as it will allow 30% boost in production in the city and +1 for every mine and quarry in the area.

Military minded leaders should opt for oligarchy and fascism for their government. Oligarchy comes with an inherent bonus that will remain with you even if you change your policies. Bonus gives you melee unit more strength and all units get extra experience.

Meanwhile, Fascism gives you a decent amount of military slots, offering more tweaking options of your units. Unfortunately, there is no government type that full help you toward a cultural win. However, Classical republic can help you generate writers, musicians at a faster rate.

In terms of policy, we recommend ‘Conscription’ and ‘Levee en Masse’ for military focused gameplay. For culture, try ‘Market Economy’ or ‘Meritocracy’ as they hold the most benefits.

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