Civilization 6 iPad Port Is Now Available For Modern iPads, Will Not Include DLC Yet

A Civilization 6 iPad port is now available on modern iPads, even though it won't include the DLC for the game for the foreseeable future.

A Civilization 6 iPad port will be coming to the more modern iPad tablets, according to a recent statement by Aspyr Media, who is responsible for porting various games from PC to iOS and Mac platforms. The game will be coming in its near-entirety, though it won’t include Rise and Fall.

Civilization 6 is the latest entry in the Civilization series, with a wide variety of new civilizations to play as ranging from Sumeria to the Kongo to Brazil to Germany to Rome to England to the United States, and much much more. Each of these civilizations have their own bonuses, unique units, and buildings, and since the game released Firaxis has been releasing a lot of them.

The Civilization 6 iPad port will apparently be a near-complete port of the original game, though the upcoming Rise and Fall expansion and apparently other DLC won’t be included along with it. Aspyr has said, however, that they plan to implement DLC sometime in the future even if they can’t currently guarantee a timeline.

The iPad port of Civilization 6 is a landmark decision, as it’s the first time that a game of this magnitude has been released on something like an iPad. While there are a number of other games that have been put on iPad before like Minecraft or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, something as big and graphically intensive as Civilization 6 is something new.

However, just because the Civilization 6 iPad port is on a tablet doesn’t mean that it’s any cheaper; the game will still be costing around 60 dollars, which considering how much content you’re getting in the game (especially since this is the full game, barring upcoming DLC) is entirely reasonable. However, the game is currently on sale for half off, $29.99. You can also get a free demo that will allow you to play through the first 60 turns.

You can pick up the game on an iPad (if you have iOS 11, an iPad Air 2, an iPad 2017, or an iPad Pro) now.

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