Civilization 6 Is Missing a Key Feature on Nintendo Switch

Civilization 6 on Nintendo Switch won't feature online multiplayer, according to 2 Games. The game does support local coop and competite multiplayer.

Well, when you think of Civilization you not only think of politics, power, exceptional management skills but also using these aspects in online multiplayer. Now, that the game is coming to Nintendo Switch, a well-suited platform for this type of an experience, it would be a fun play to lay on the couch with your Nintendo Switch on the weekend and play some Civilization 6 multiplayer; a great weekend it would be, right? Not exactly.

As expected, something had to go wrong since this is a third party game on a Nintendo platform. Civilization 6 doesn’t support multiplayer on Nintendo Switch thanks to Nintendo’s lame online infrastructure. 2K Games confirmed today that its game will not be able to support online multiplayer on Switch.

According to 2K, the game support local cooperative and competitive multiplayer for up to 4 players, however, it does not support online co-op or competitive multiplayer matches. Speaking with Eurogamer, a 2K rep shared the following statement.

Civilization 6 for Nintendo Switch includes support for local cooperative and competitive multiplayer for up to four players via a Wireless Network. It will not have online multiplayer.

You need to create a local wireless network for Switch to be able to play the game online. The news was shared over at Reddit and other social media platforms and judging by the response, it is safe to say fans aren’t happy about this. Many are “hard-pressed” to know about the lack of online multiplayer in Civilization 6.

The developer believes this does not affect the over experience as the main focus of Civilization 6 is a great, deep single-player mode. While that is true, online multiplayer in Civilization 6 is equally as important.

Let’s hope other third-party Switch games don’t lack key features when they release.

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