How To Increase RCI Buildings Demand In Cities Skylines

Increase the RCI Buildings Demand to accommodate more Citizens.

One common issue encountered by ‘Cities: Skylines’ players is citizens abandoning different RCI buildings. The reasons vary from zone to zone, but I have compiled everything you need to know about increasing the RCI building’s demand. I have covered why RCI Buildings are abandoned and how you can prevent that.

Residential Buildings

There are primarily two reasons why Residential Buildings are abandoned:

  • A Lack of Public Services
  • Value of the Land is less than the Building’s Level

There is no way people will prefer living in your building if there are no proper security, health, hygienic, and sanitation systems. Not to mention a fire escape and other must-have facilities.

Not having schools, colleges, and universities near a building does not have as many drastic effects, but if you aim for a high literacy rate, these should not be avoided at any cost.

The value of a residential area is directly proportional to the level of a building – as the value of a residential area increases, a building’s level also increases.

However, different kinds of pollution can also decline the prices of RCI Buildings in Cities Skylines. This will also lead to citizens complaining and eventually leaving. To fix this, delete the complaining house and wait for a new one to spawn in its location.


Here are some tips you can use to increase the demand for Residental Buildings:

  • Provide your citizens with public services.
  • Construct larger apartments as senior people and big families prefer them.
  • Construct smaller, single-person residential apartments near schools, colleges, and universities as students take them.
  • Create more jobs in the industrial sector as more jobs result in increased demand for housing.

Industrial Buildings

Once again, there are primarily two reasons why Industrial Buildings are abandoned:

  • A Lack of Workers
  • A Lack of Raw Material

The first issue is somewhat related to Residential Buildings but with a twist. The main reason why industries lack workers is because they are overeducated to work in a small-scale industry.

To tackle this issue, level up industrial buildings in Cities Skylines. To do so, similar to Residential Buildings, you need to ensure that there are facilities such as health, security, transport, and more.

Having buses, metro, or trains near the industries also bodes well. With these steps, you will be able to hire more educated citizens. Note: Overeducated citizens can work in low-level industries only as a last resort.

The second issue is directly related to the free flow of traffic. If delivery trucks take too long to deliver raw materials to industries, industries will eventually shut down. To fix this issue, regulate traffic flow so that raw materials are delivered to industrial buildings in Cities Skylines on time.

So, in conclusion:

  • Upgrade the industrial buildings
  • Increase facilities for workers
  • Manage the flow of traffic
  • Extract local resources as they will help in boosting industrial demand.

Commercial Buildings

Unlike both Industrial Buildings and Residential Buildings, there are three reasons why citizens abandon Commercial Buildings:

  • A Lack of Customers
  • A Lack of Well-Educated Workers
  • A Lack of Goods and Services

When we talk about a lack of customers, many things are linked to it. First, you should place more residential zones to see if it fixes the problem.

If it does not, it means your city’s unemployment rate is too high – unemployed people tend to shop less or none. Check your city’s current unemployment rate using the Population Tab and increase it as much as possible.

Coming to educated workers, always place schools, colleges, and universities in the Residential Zones to increase your city’s literacy rate in Cities Skylines. This is currently the only way to attract educated citizens to commercial zones.

There are two ways to acquire goods and services for a shop: industries and imports. If you are receiving goods and services from industries, you should consider zoning in the industry to increase the amount.

However, if you rely only on imports, it must be due to poorly regulated traffic flow. Invest in maintaining a free traffic flow and ensure there are buses, metro, and trains available to assist you in acquiring goods and services quickly.

Follow these tips to increase the demand for Commercial Buildings:

  • Residential buildings should be built near the commercial buildings.
  • Establish educational institutes in residential zones.
  • Adjust taxes for commercial buildings depending on their size
  • Manage imports and exports and regulate the traffic.

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