How To Extract And Use Natural Resources In Cities Skylines

Extract and Use the Natural Resources.

The four natural resources in Cities Skylines are Fertile Lands, Forests, Oil, and Ore. On the map, yellow is the fertile land, green is the forests, black is the oil, and blue is the ore. Your city’s progress is highly dependent on these resources.

Every city has a fair amount of resources, and it’s up to you to use them for your city’s growth. The darker color representing the specific resource shows that this place is superior for resource growth.

How can you extract and use Natural Resources in Cities Skylines?

You can use them to create industries and factories once you have the specialization area you like. You can then build the building, such as Extractors and Processors.

The first one is “Extractors.” You are required to construct these buildings in an area rich in natural resources so that you can produce more quality stuff in large amounts. If you install an oil well, that place must be a rich source of oil.

Processors‘ buildings can be built in an ordinary area, and there is no need for land with massive natural resources. It’s essential to build the industries in areas away from the city so that the pollution exerted by the factories won’t affect the health of the people in the area.

It will be the worst decision if you choose the fertile land specialization and the area is rich in oil reserves. When you select the oil specialization, I recommend selecting the land rich in oil resources.


This will automatically renovate the older buildings related to oil in that area, providing many facilities to the people as well. This will cause an increment in the supply of goods to people so they can quickly get the necessary things.

Fertile land and forests are renewable natural resources that you can use repeatedly. But oil and ore are the resources that you can get in limited amounts. Once you are out of resources, this will cause a significant fall in your city. There will be a lack of goods, and you only have to survive through imports.

For this, the traffic system you have made will be tested. It needs to be good so that the transporters will face no problems while importing to your city.

How to fix not enough natural resources in Cities Skylines?

A Cities Skylines natural resources mod protects oil and ore resources from depletion, so activate this mode before using these resources. It’s a base game mod. There will be a resource filter option; use it and place your factories, like oil wells and mines, on the needed resources.

There will be two issues if there are no resources at that place. The first one is that you haven’t placed your oil well in the right place, or the other reason is that the resource you need is depleted.

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