Cities: Skylines – All Milestones (& How to Unlock Them)

All Milestones and what they unlock for you.

The Milestone Progression System sits at the very core of Cities: Skylines. All these Milestones can be achieved by upgrading your city areas. This way, you can accommodate more population and fulfill their needs by unlocking new buildings and services.

However, It is important to note that Milestones cannot be reset during your playthrough. The only way to reset them would be by starting a new game. If you want to learn about the Milestones, you will find all the details in this Cities Skylines guide.

All Milestones in Cities Skylines

There are a total of 13 Milestones in the game, and the expanding population of your city will allow you to reach each of the following. Each will unlock specific buildings, services, and features covered below. Note that the required population for each milestone will vary based on your chosen map.

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Little Hamlet

Required Population: 120-500

Buildings: Community Schools, 2x Elementary Schools, Landfill, Large Elementary School, 2x Medical Clinic, Plastic Surgery Center, Recycling Center, and Snow Dump.

Services/ Features: Education, Campus Area, Garbage, Healthcare, Loan, and Taxes.

Worthy Village

Required Population: 240-1000

Buildings: 2x Fire Houses, Fire Safety Center, High-Capacity Elementary School, Police Security Center, and 2x Police Stations.

Services/ Features: Fishing Industry, Industry Areas, Parks, and Plazas, (Lvl 2) Unique Buildings, Football, Concerts, District Specialization Policies and Second Loan Services.

Tiny Town

Required Population: 360-1600

Buildings: 2x Basketball Court, Biodome, Botanical Garden, Bouncy Castle Park, Carousel Park, Dog Park, Fishing Harbor, Fish Market, Fresh Water Outlet, 2x High School, Institute of Creative Arts, Japanese Garden, Large Food Truck Plaza, Large Ice Cream Stand Plaza, Large Playground, Magicka Theme Park, Paradox Plaza, Park Maintenance Building, Park with Trees, Plaza with Picnic Tables, Plaza with Trees, Public Library, Rhine Pier, Seine Pier, Small Glass Roof Plaza, Small Food Truck Plaza, Small Fountain Plaza, Small Ice Cream Stand Plaza, Small Park, Small Playground Sports Hall and Gymnasium, Statue Plaza, Tennis Court, Vertical Farm, and the Warehouse Yard.

Services/ Features: Fishing Industry, Industry Areas, Parks, and Plazas, (Lvl 2) Unique Buildings, Unique Buildings: Football, Concerts, Event Policies, Fences, Industry Areas, Landscaping, Park Areas, Park Policies, and Pedestrian Areas.

Boom Town

Required Population: 650-2800

Buildings: Advanced Wind Turbine, Airport Area Building, Biofuel Bus Depot, Boiler station, Bus Depot, Cemetery, Child Health Center, Disaster Response Unit, Eldercare, Emergency Shelter, Small Ferry Depot, Ferry Pier, Ferry Stop, Fish Factory, Geothermal heating plant, High-Capacity High School, Medical Helicopter Depot, Post Office, Radio Mast, Small Warehouse, Tank Reservoir, Taxi Depot, Tram depot, Wave Power Plant, One-Way Toll Booth, and the Two-Way Toll Booth.

Services/ Features: Bus, Ferry, Heating, Post Services, Taxi, Tram, Transport, (Lvl 3) Unique Buildings, Walking Tours, Water Pipes and Airport Areas in cities: skylines.  

Busy Town

Required Population: 1200-5500

Buildings: Beach Volleyball Court, Bus Station, Community Pool, Compact Bus Station, Ferry and Bus Exchange Stop, Fire Helicopter Depot, 2x Fire Station, Fish Farm, Fishing Pier, Fishing Tours, General Hospital, Geothermal Power Plant, 2x Hospital, Intelligence Agency, Jet Ski Rental, Marina, Medical Laboratory, Medium Warehouse, Oil Power Plant, 2x Police Headquarters, Pumping Service, Restaurant Pier, Riding Stable, Road Maintenance Depot, Sightseeing Bus Depot, Skatepark, Trolleybus Depot, Tropical Garden, Tsunami Warning Buoy, and the Weather Radar building.

Services/ Features: Sightseeing Bus Tours, Trolleybus, Unique Buildings: Modern Japan (CCP), and (Lvl 4) Unique Buildings; Leisure & Tourism and City Planning Policies.

Big Town

Required Population: 1800-8000

Buildings: Aquatics Center, Blimp Depot, Blimp Stop, Bus-Intercity Bus Hub, Chirper Balloon Tours, Deep Space Radar, Earthquake Sensor, Eco-Friendly Incinerator Plant, Elevated Bypass Metro Station, Elevated Dual Island Platform Metro Station, Elevated Island Platform Metro Station, Elevated Metro Station (with Shops), Emergency Shelter, Large, Faculty, Firewatch Tower, Fishing Island, High-Capacity Fire Station, High-Capacity Hospital, High-Capacity Police Headquarters, Hot Air Balloon Tours, Incineration Plant, Intercity Bus Station, Metro Station, Modern Technology Institute, Large Warehouse, Police Helicopter Depot, Post Sorting Facility, Prison, Radio Mast, Tall, Sauna, Solar Updraft Tower, Sunken Bypass Metro Station, Sunken Dual Island Platform Metro Station, Sunken Island Platform Metro Station, Underground Metro Station, 2x University, Waste Disposal Unit, One-Way Large Toll Booth, Two-Way Large Toll Booth, Small Bank, 3x Large Bank and the Skyscraper Bank.

Services/ Features: Blimp, Campus Areas, Inter-city Bus, Metro, Sports Arenas, Trade School Campus Area, (Lvl 5) Unique Buildings, Financial Buildings, Campus Areas and Taxation Policies in Cities Skylines.

Small City

Required Population: 2600-11000

Buildings: Basketball Arena, 2x Cable Car Stop, Cargo Train Terminal, Elevated Bypass Train Station, Elevated Dual Island Platform Train Station, Elevated Island Platform Train Station, Elevated Train Station, Ground Bypass Train Station, Ground Dual Island Platform Train Station, Ground Island Platform Train Station, High-Capacity University, Hydro Power Plant, Large Underground Metro Station, Metro-Intercity Bus Hub, Metro-Monorail-Train Hub, Monorail-Bus Hub, Monorail Station, Monorail Station with road, 2x Multi-platform Train Station, Parallel Underground Metro Station, Train Station, and the Yoga Garden

Services/ Features: Cable Cars, Monorail Train, and (Lvl 6) Unique Buildings. As for features, you will unlock Small Business Enthusiast, Big Business Benefactor, Industrial Space Planning, High Tech Housing, and Highrise Ban.

Big City

Required Population: 4000-18000

Buildings: Advanced Inland Water Treatment Plant, Crematorium, Crematorium Memorial Park, Crossover Train Station Hub, Cryopreservatory, Floating Garbage Collector, Glass Box Transport Hub, Large Water Tower, Metro Plaza Station, Old Market Station, Track and Field Stadium, Train-Metro Hub, and the Water Treatment Plant.

Services/ Features: Liberal Arts College and the Campus Area.

Grand City

Required Population: 5000-22000

Buildings: Baseball Park, Bus-Metro Hub, Intercity Bus Terminal, Solar Power Plant, Waste Processing Complex, and Waste Transfer Facility.

Services/ Features: Third Loan.

Capital City

Required Population: 8000-36000

Buildings: American Football Stadium, a Cargo Harbor, an Eco Advanced Inland Water Treatment Plant, an Eco Water Treatment Plant, and a Harbor.

Services/ Features: Capital City Milestone will include Ship, University, and Campus Area.

Colossal City

Required Population: 11000-48000.

Buildings: Cargo Hub, Floating Cafe, Helicopter Depot, Helicopter Stop, Nuclear Power Plant, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Plant, and the Chirp X Launch Site, which can house over 50,000 population.

Services/ Features: Helicopter services, Education, Campus Area, Garbage, and Healthcare.


Required Population: 16000-70000

Buildings: Airport and the Cargo Airport.

Services/ Features: Plane services.


Required Population: 20000-90000

Buildings: Cargo Airport Hub, International Airport, and Metropolitan Airport.

Services/ Features: Monuments.

How to fix City Skylines Milestones not working bug

In certain instances, you may encounter milestones that do not work or cease progressing in City Skylines. This will prevent you from expanding your city and unlocking new structures. If your game files have been tampered with, this bug results in you getting stuck at 12345/50000 population growth.

To fix this glitch, ensure no mods are installed on your game, as this can tamper with your game files. If you’ve recently removed a mod, ensure there aren’t any left-over folders or files on your PC.

Secondly, you can try verifying your game files. To do so, right-click the Cities Skylines icon on Steam, select properties, and then click on local files. You’ll have the option to verify game files here.

If both these solutions don’t work, try reinstalling the game. If you go this route, ensure you have a backup of your saved file.

In Cities Skylines, you can increase your population to reach milestones, unlocking buildings, services, and features.

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