Cities Skylines – Create And Manage A City With 200K Population

Increase Population in Cities Skylines.

A city with a population of more than 100k is hard to create but even harder to manage in Cities Skylines. Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered with tips to increase and manage the population effectively. However, do note that you need a decent economy and some cash at hand with a profit of around 20,000 per week.

Drop Down the Literacy Rate and Put Tax Relief

Many of you might favor setting high education standards but go with a lower literacy rate to drastically increase the population in Cities Skylines. Poorly educated people tend to produce more babies and come in handy as industrial workers.

Industries often require poorly educated people and this is where these people will help out. Aside from a lower literacy rate, setting tax relief on high-density buildings is another thing that will help you achieve your objective.

With this, you can acquire one building every five minutes – even without demand! Keep in mind that keeping the literacy rate low can cause higher crime and lower happiness in Cities Skylines.

Provide better Healthcare Facilities or More Crematoriums

If you are going for a large population, be ready to face loads of deaths. Therefore, it’s advised to build a dozen crematoriums scattered around the city; even better if you place them right next to each other.

There is, of course, an option to invest in better healthcare facilities which also serves the same purpose as it prevents your population from dying out too early.


Control Traffic and Pollution

Another grave issue that comes with a higher population density is unorganized traffic. To address this issue, make sure to build highways and T-junctions on some busy roads.

Secondly, always try and reduce traffic jams; this can be done by filtering the vehicles out. You need different routes for people to reach both essential locations, which should reduce traffic jams.

I highly recommend going for large roads in Cities Skylines unless you require smaller ones. Furthermore, make sure to plant trees/grass and sound barriers alongside the road to reduce the effects of Noise Pollution, which a higher traffic flow can cause.

All these steps are important as these will not only allow better facilities such as fire brigade, people getting to workplaces in time but also enable industries and commerces to reach goods and services in time which is something you should always aim for.

Adding further roads into your city can be costly but will help efficiently distribute and route your City’s traffic.

Looping the roads can also significantly help when faced with traffic flow routing issues. When faced with the issue that you can’t draw out a straight road, always consider looping it with the existing road networks.

Make sure to use the set of policies to enhance the conditions further. A different set of policies can aid different dense zones. Using Two Lane Way roads is advisable as Cities Skylines road layouts can help you simulate a continuing highway. These things will also increase the RCI Buildings demand.

Use Mods to Increase Population

Players can also have issues as sometimes their population might plateau at less than 200k. For this, you can use DAs I mentioned population revisited mods. These are the city’s skylines population increase mods.

There might be times when you build new buildings, but citizens don’t move in. You must wait more than a minute, after which the citizens will appear.

Also, keep in mind when you start a city, keep things small and compact, do not plan all structures at once, and try to maintain your small-sized city first, then progress further and increase the scale of your starting city.

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