Cities Skylines – How to Create and Manage a City with 200K Population

A large city with a population of more than 100k is hard to create but even harder to manage. By following the simple steps provided below, you can even expect to reach a population of more than 200k or more.

However, do note that you need to decent economy and some cash at hand with profit around 20,000 per week. And lastly, I would not recommend trying it out with a new city as you will not be able to survive.

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Drop Down the Literacy Rate and Put Tax Relief
Many of you might be in favor of setting high education standards, but going with lower literacy rate has been proven to drastically increase the population.

Poorly educated people not only tend to produce more babies (and thus add to population) but also come in handy as industrial workers.

Industries often require poorly educated people and this is where these people will help out. Aside from a lower literacy rate, setting tax relief on high density buildings is another thing which will help you achieve your objective.

With this, you will be able to acquire one building after every five minutes – even without demand!

Better Healthcare Facilities or More Crematoriums
It’s not all candies and flowers; with a large population comes a large death toll. In case you are going for a large population, be ready to face loads and loads of deaths.

Therefore, it’s advised to build a dozen of crematoriums scattered around the city; even better if you place them right next to each other.

There is, of course, an option to invest in better healthcare facilities which also serves the same purpose as it prevents your population from dying out too early.

Addressing Traffic and Controlling Pollution
Another grave issue which comes with a higher population density is unorganized traffic. In order to address this issue, make sure to build highways and T-junctions on some usually busy roads.

Secondly, always try and reduce traffic jams; this can be done by filtering the vehicles out. You need to different routes for people to reach different locations which should reduce traffic jams.

I would highly recommend going for large roads unless you really require smaller ones. Furthermore, make sure to plant trees/grass as well as sound barriers alongside the road to reduce the effects of Noise Pollution which can be caused with a higher traffic flow.

All these steps are important as these will not allow better facilities such as fire brigade, people getting to workplaces in time but also enable industries and commerces to reach goods and services in time which is something you should always aim for.

Misc. Things to Note
In order to raise money, there are things like Tourism which might help, but I have not come across anything of this sort.

Like I have mentioned earlier, you must do something about different types of pollution as these can subject your citizens to various types of ailments and eventually kill them. You can check my Cities: Skylines Pollution Prevention Guide for more information.

I would not recommend constructing dams upstream near your coast if there are some important buildings there as it may flood your entire coastline.

Generally speaking, I would not recommend buildings dams at all as they only create around 30-megawatt to 50-megawatt of electricity. You can check out my Cities: Skylines Power Plants Guide for more information.

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