How To Stop Flooding In Cities Skylines

Water management to avoid Floods.

Your city in Cities Skylines may get flooded due to poor water management, but there are several ways to deal with such disasters. If you have built houses and roads near the water, they will likely get flooded.

However, every problem has a solution. This guide will teach you how to avoid flooding in Cities Skylines.

Install more Water Pumps

Water pumps can be helpful while dealing with floods. You need to install deep canals along water pumps within the city when there is no flood. Once your city is under flood, these canals get filled with water, and the water pumps help drain that water outside the city.

The more water pumps you have installed, the faster the drainage. This method is most effective in controlling City Skylines’ random flooding.

Raise the Land Area

Before starting to develop your city, make sure to raise the land area. The higher the land, the lower the chances of flood. Use the terraform tool to build more highlands. But remember first to raise the land area and then build roads.

Otherwise, raising the land when the roads are already there will be tricky. The Terraform tool will help you to increase the land to the level you need.


Construct Quay

If you have properties near the water, the flood will affect those more. Install quays along your city’s border to prevent them from water disasters. This prevents your city from water access and enhances the city’s look.

Build Sea Walls

Sea walls are the most reliable source to prevent your city from floods; however, these are challenging to install and require good planning. The sea walls take a lot of space to build on but are worth the land due to the protection.

Building reefs inside the water at your city’s border will protect the homes near the sea and provide reliable protection for the houses.

Spread the River Area and Build a Dam

This method of dealing with floods is very effective. As you can spread the land on which water flows, once you have done this, it spreads the water. This will cause a significant downfall in the water level, and there is no chance that water can reach your city.

Building a dam will highly contribute to avoiding floods and lowering the water level on the other side. Also, it is a free power source from which you can benefit. Ensure to build a dam before developing your city.

How to fix flooding in Cities Skylines with a mod

To fix flooding with mod, head into the workshop, and you will see extra landscaping tools by Bloody Penguin. Of all those tools, one is a water tool. Choose it.

Get back to the mill, then open the toolbar. You see the water tools there and choose to move the sea level. Then, on the screen, select and drag the flooded area. Once dragged, all the water disappears. That’s how a mod can fix flooding in cities skylines. After this, all you need to do is remove the demolished buildings.

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