How To Prevent Road Accidents In Cities Skylines 2

Manage your roads effectively.

A heavily touted simulation feature, traffic accidents make its debut in Cities Skylines 2. Managing a successful city includes navigating the good and bad that happens in the city, including natural disasters as well as man-made ones such as traffic collisions and pileups on highways in Cities Skylines 2.

But how exactly are you supposed to prevent and manage road accidents in Cities Skylines II? With 100s of cars traveling at once, it’s not like you can control each individual one or teach the NPCs how to drive.

How do road accidents occur in Cities Skylines 2

According to the devs, accidents on roads are not random in the game. There is always a reason behind them. The reason can be heavy traffic, vehicle losing control, a problem in planning, or a calculated strategy set in by the devs.

The percentage of accidents is set per road segment and is also compared to other features. These features include naturally occurring things that can be anything from road conditions, natural weather, or disasters.

When the calculated system deems it the right time to have an accident, the vehicle loses control and can disrupt the peace. Also, if there are other items in the path, it can also destroy them. If there are vehicles in the way, the accident can be fatal and lead to loss of life.

Once the accident occurs, road maintenance, ambulances, and police will come to clean up the area. This process is automatic, which makes the cleanup easy. Unfortunately, this will also block the road or area where the accident will occur. Because of this automation of dealing with traffic accidents in Cities Skylines II, you need to be prepared for the aftermath of the crisis.

How to prevent accidents and manage traffic in Cities Skylines 2

With the accident simulation, the question arises: how can they be prevented? Of course, everyone can have a little fun with having a few accidents and seeing how that works, but on a bigger scale, you still need to find ways to control them so that traffic isn’t always super bad and accidents have less chance of happening. After a few little fun crashes, you sure need to be in charge and set things right.

Make more roads and set clear lanes

Let’s start with learning how to spot when a road is becoming too small for the amount of vehicles that regularly pass through it. For this, you can simply build more roads or have enough space so that whenever the opportunity arises, you can build one to be safe.

Make sure there are multiple roads to every destination. This prevents all vehicles from being cramped at one entrance and prevents traffic jams. In case of cleanup after an accident in Cities Skylines 2, these alternate roads will also help in the diversion of traffic. Also, use roundabouts at intersections.

Make sure heavy vehicles like trolleys and buses have their own lane on roads in Cities Skylines II. This feature helps a lot to prevent accidents and traffic. Prioritize this and use the feature as soon as it’s available. For the residents, make sure to observe the population and lay down lanes according to it. Sometimes, this is not considered, and it can cause a lot of disruption as everything can be cramped.

Identify areas with high traffic accident chances

If the city is too big for you to handle, simply go to the Info icon present at the top of the screen and check the areas where there is a probable chance of heavy traffic with the color indication. It’s better to act when the color is orange so that it won’t become too bad and get into the red zone. After the change, wait a while to observe the road and then act accordingly.

Also, make sure the roads are in good condition. You can check this by using maintenance services for roads. These include having streetlights installed along with usual checkups on the roads.

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