How To Pay Off Debt In Cities Skylines 2

Tips to pay off your Debt.

To get something, you need to pay for it, and due to several mismanaged stuff, you may get under the debt in Cities Skylines 2. However, there are several ways in which you can pay it off quickly. I will provide you with a guide to get your city out of debt or even possible bankruptcy.

Reduce Imports and Improve Exports

If you’re importing any materials from the outside, don’t. The key to success lies in becoming as self-sufficient as you can be. If your imports are exceeding the money you’re making, then you need to reduce it a lot.

In exchange, you should be looking into exporting materials which you can. Electricity is one of the commodities you can export. If your area has a rather windy region, I highly recommend getting some windmills. You can export the electricity they generate and eliminate the debt in Cities Skylines 2.

Lower the Budgets for Services

Reduce the budget for services like healthcare, police and fire. They tend to cost a lot, and even more, if you upgrade them. This is why I also highly recommend not upgrading them till you have established a strong economy.

Reducing the efficiency of the services would decrease citizen satisfaction; however, drastic times require drastic measures and gaining money is extremely important to pay off your debts in Cities Skylines 2.  

Remove Extras

Offices, buildings, and anything utilizing your money, not providing anything in return, should be removed. Demolishing the unneeded buildings would give you back 75% of the cost you spent on that building.


This way, you will not only reduce the unnecessary cash being spent, but you’ll obtain some of the cash back, which gives you a little bit more economy to fix the situation.

Compact Zones

As I have talked about services like Police, Hospitals and Firefighters, it is essential to note that with cost reduction comes efficiency decrease. This can be fixed if you build the houses around the service buildings or alternative places said buildings in surrounding areas.

This way, the working area is reduced, and they can cover more and focus on a smaller radius in Cities Skylines 2.

Better Tax Management

Taxing citizens is a double-edged sword. The reason for your debts may be poor tax management. If your taxes are too high, then you need to lower them. You need to invite more citizens to your city, which would bring in more cash.

High taxation would only result in people leaving your city and their services with them, so you won’t be able to earn money from them.

On the flip side, if your taxes are low, then you should increase the taxes moderately. It is essential to keep a balance so that you’re not only collecting more money from the people but also inviting more citizens to join you. This way you’d be able to benefit both – more money and more population to work.

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