How To Empty Landfill In Cities Skylines 2

Here is how you can get rid of the trash gathered in landfills.

In Cities Skylines 2, you can build a landfill after reaching the “Tiny Village” milestone. As soon as the construction is complete, you’ll notice that the trucks would start moving around the city collecting garbage and then dumping it all off in the Landfill.

However, a landfill has a capacity. Having your landfill full up to the brim does not look good for the city, so we will explain how you can clean and empty your landfill.

Best method to empty a landfill in Cities Skylines 2

The best way to empty your currently full Landfill is to move all the trash it contains elsewhere. This can be another Landfill far away, or this can be an incinerator. Incinerators have a larger capacity to hold garbage, and their processing removes the trash entirely, making it one of the best ways to dispose of waste from the Landfill.

The drawback to incinerators is that they increase the pollution in the environment. Another method to remove the garbage is to build a Recycling plant. If you wish for the trash to move away and cannot afford to use the incinerator or a recycling plant, you can build another Landfill far away from your city and then move all the garbage there.

To do so, click on the full Landfill in Cities Skylines 2 for the info popup and then select “Empty building to another Facility.” This would begin emptying the Landfill into the other Landfill.

Trick to deal with the Garbage issue

Unlike in the previous game, where you had to clear out the garbage before deleting the building, you can now do it when the facility is full.


What you do is build a large landfill and wait for it to get filled. Then, simply delete the building and reconstruct the Landfill. It is a simple and effective method to keep the garbage away from your city.

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