Cities Skylines 2 Cheat Codes And Console Commands

Gain the upper hand by cheating the system.

Cities Skylines 2 requires a lot of grinding to be able to run a successful and efficient city if you don’t take the help of cheats or alter the game through some console commands. However, not everyone might be interested in slowly building up their empire. Some people just want to unlock everything from the start and then see how well they manage the city.

Games like Cities Skylines 2 typically have a way to access the dev console and enable cheats so players can bypass some of the tedious tasks or slow early game hours.

How to use cheats and console commands in Cities Skylines 2

Unfortunately, at this moment, there are no cheat codes or a way to use console commands in Cities: Skylines 2. However, that is not to say that it is completely without a way to fix some of your issues. You could still obtain all of the milestones and Infinite Money in Cities Skylines II with the help of a feature that the devs built into the game.

To access those dev-provided cheats in Cities Skylines II, you need to begin by starting a new game. When you are selecting a map, you need to go to Map Options. There, you will find the two options.

  • Unlock All
  • Unlimited Money

Using Unlock All would grant you all milestones at the beginning of the game. Enabling this, you’ll unlock all of the City Service, Signature Buildings, Zone Types, Tools, and Panels at the beginning of the game. This way, you get to bypass the slow progression of the upgrade tree and don’t have to unlock those features one by one.

Unlimited Money is obviously the money hack. You’ll have infinite money to spend, and your city will never go into debt or bankrupt.


Keep in mind that using either of these cheats will disable your achievements in Cities Skylines II so if you are an achievement hunter, don’t turn them on.

So far, these are the only two options that would help you gain an upper hand in Cities: Skylines 2. Unlike the first game, there are no console commands or cheat codes to assist in the second game – leaving us with these two options to use for ourselves.

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