How To Build An Airport In Cities Skylines 2

Build an Airport to take your city to new heights.

You can elevate your city to new heights by learning how to build an Airport in Cities Skylines 2. This mode of transportation will help the residents and keep them happy as they will have more options in terms of travel.

If you are interested in building an Airport, you must keep three things in mind. The first one should be an open, empty, and flat area. Secondly, you must set up connections to other areas in Cities Skyline 2.

Lastly, it would be best if you built the Airport in an area which is neither too close to the city nor too far. This way, the residents will have less Noise pollution coming from the Airport as well.

Here, in this guide, I will be explaining all the steps in detail through which you will be able to learn how to build an Airport in Cities Skylines 2.

1. Finding a suitable area for your Airport

You must choose an open area to build an airport near the city. Moreover, you need to smoothen the area by going over the landscape options to keep the terrain plain and flat to build your Airport.

2. Scroll through the Transportation icon

So, on the icon tray at the bottom, you will see a Transportation icon next to a law enforcement one. You need to click on it and will be presented with six options in terms of transport.

3. Choose the Air icon

These six options will include Land, Air, and Sea. The last option will have the Airplane icon. You can hover your cursor towards it and select the Air option in Cities Skyline 2.

Below the Air icon, you will have five other options in which you will find 2 Airport options and these will include:

Airport (Default)Price: 750,000+5% Attractiveness (city-wide)+3% Efficiency (city-wide)
International AirportPrice: 4,000,000+10% Demand for Software (city-wide)+10% Interest in University Education (city-wide)+10% Attractiveness (city-wide)

Remember that the International Airport will cost much more than the normal/default Airport. Moreover, it will consume more space, so you must plan the area according to your preference in Cities Skylines 2.

4. Build your Airport

You can go with building the (default) Airport. Select the first airport icon and drag it on the open area you chose previously as the airport site. Then you can connect your Airport with a road to become accessible from the city.

Next, you need to go back to the Transportation option and choose the option that says Passenger Airplane Line Tool. Similarly, you can also select the Cargo Airplane Route Tool depending on the size of your Airport in Cities Skylines 2.

5. Place the planes on the Hanger icon

You can start with the Passenger Airplane Line Tool and then choose the blue Hanger icon on your Airport to place the Airplane. These hangers will act as your starting points, so you can choose any of these to create a new route in Cities Skylines 2.

6. Set outside connections with your Airport

After choosing a Hanger icon, you can then make an outside connection. You can look in other areas of your map and find a blue icon similar to the one on the Airport. There will be four blue icons that you can find in each area of the city.

Once you find an outside connection, select that blue icon and add a new Waypoint to that specific area, e.g., Weeksville in Cities Skylines 2. This way, you will notice a pink trajectory line that extends from that particular waypoint and leads back to your Airport hangar. This way, you can complete the route by clicking on the waypoint.

7. Connection points with your Airport

Similarly, you can create multiple connections by setting up new routes and joining with different waypoint icons at other areas on your Cities Skylines 2 map. This will also allow you to go through other cities while you extend the routes leading back to your Airport.

This way, you can organize the Airport and the routes leading to other cities according to your liking and also build airports similar to this one in other cities in Cities Skylines 2.

Once you have set up your Airport and it is up and running, you can introduce building like a Control Tower, Airline Lounge, and a Hotel near it. This will increase the number of people using your Airport, allowing you to upgrade it later.

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