How To Deal With Abandoned Buildings In Cities Skylines 2

Keep your citizens happy, or you must deal with abandoned buildings.

Building a City is Cities Skylines 2 may seem more straightforward, but managing it can be difficult, especially when some buildings get abandoned. The citizens will abandon the building if you cannot fulfill their demands.

These citizens then look towards other options, leaving you to deal with the abandoned buildings/houses. Abandoned Buildings can lead to your city’s downfall and decrease the value of that specific neighborhood. Some ways can allow you to prevent the citizens from leaving the building.

How to prevent buildings from getting Abandoned

Before you can stop citizens from leaving your city, you need to identify the reason. Many factors, such as electricity, water, jobs, schools, roads, pollution, etc., can cause your citizens to be unhappy. Unhappy citizens will start to abandon the building.

One of the significant aspects of Abandoned Buildings in Cities Skylines 2 could be the rental values. You will need proper city planning to prevent issues like that. Increasing the rental values without keeping track of the basic needs and services can also cause an uproar among the citizens and result in them leaving that neighborhood.

You can start by decreasing the rental values or setting a medium ratio for the properties in that area. This will prevent citizens from abandoning the buildings.

Similarly, If you cannot meet the residents’ demands, they will leave for other commercial areas. This will increase the number of Abandoned buildings in CIties Skylines 2, and you will observe a house sign with a cross.

You should also intermix the commercial zones with residential zones to prevent buildings from getting abandoned. This will not only increase the price of those zones but also create many opportunities, including jobs, healthcare, shops, and educational areas, which can be accessible by residents and will keep them happy.

This way, the citizens won’t leave those areas any time soon, and the number of empty buildings will decrease significantly.

What to do if you have Abandoned Buildings

If you have an abandoned building, the first thing you should do immediately is to Bulldoze that building. Next, you will need to construct a new building and rent it out to other citizens in that area in Cities Skylines 2.

Similarly, you can try other methods like Re-zoning that area where you found an abandoned building. This way, you can replace that with Signature buildings, Shopping Malls, Healthcare Centers, etc., which are more suited to the needs of your citizens.

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