Where To Place Fire Stations In Cities Skylines 2

Fire Stations help you keep your city safe in Cities Skylines 2 during natural disasters by providing a source of water to the burned areas.

Fire Stations are an essential part of the Cities Skylines 2 development nodes. They put out fires and help in overall rescue efforts. For them to be fully effective, you must place them in vital locations so they can send out rescue teams quickly.

Each fire station has an area of effect, so you must ensure that you place them somewhere they can cover the most territory in Cities Skylines 2.

Cities Skylines 2 fire station location

When placing Fire Stations, you must keep in mind its coverage. If you are placing the station on the far side of the city, then they won’t get to other parts of the city in time during a disaster. So, it is best to place your Fire and Rescue Department in an area where you can easily save your citizens on time. Below, we have given the best places to put your Fire Stations in Cities Skylines 2:

Central City

One of the best locations to place a fire station is in the central part of the city in Cities Skylines 2. This will give you the best coverage over a wide area and allow the rescue teams to reach pretty much all over the city. This placement works best with smaller cities as they have a small radius to cover, and it will take minimum time to rescue the citizens in need.

All sides of the city

Although the central part of the city is the best because it covers your city in a whole radius, you can also place multiple fire stations at each corner of your city. This placement works best with larger cities where a single fire station may not be enough.

Also, do note that for Fire Stations to function properly, you need to add helicopters to them. While trucks can easily reach the scene for most scenarios, you can use helicopters to get there faster and in harder-to-reach areas. Helicopters are a better option in some cases where your map doesn’t have a large source of water. But you need to add a Fire Helicopter Depot in Cities Skylines 2 for that to work.


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