Report: China Is Leading Globally In Video Game Revenues

The latest Newzoo global games report suggests that China has become the world's biggest source of video game revenues and US is no 2.

Since the beginning of the video game industry, North America has been the global leader in video game revenues. However, things have changed, well according to Newzoo global games report that suggests that China has become the world’s biggest source of video game revenues.

The latest Newzoo global games report suggests a notable shift for game developers who targeted the China’s massive playerbase and its capacity to drive game industry.

The Newzoo global games report is based on the data collected from different sources including the publicly available earning reports for publishers and developers and third party research. According to the report, China is earning $24.4 billion in revenue compared to the US who earns $23.6 billion in revenue annually.

However, the report does not mentions that these estimates are for the full year 2016 or till June, but Newzoo has confirmed to Gamasutra that these estimates are for the full year of 2016 from January to December.

It is important mention that according to Newzoo global games report, that China’s lead over the US in term of revenue is due to the online population of the country greatly outnumbers and is still growing to that of the US online playerbase.

So there is still a lot of room for China to increase its annual revenue and grow as more and more people purchase and play games. It also important to mention that these numbers are by no means official, as the data was collected by third party, so take this report as a grain of salt,

However, this comes as no surprise to us, that China is leading globally in video game revenues given, the population of the country is well over 1 billion. You can checkout the full report by following this link.

Do you think China will be able to keep up its global lead in video game revenue? Let us know in the comments.

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