Chernobylite Investigation Board Clues Guide

In this guide, we will be talking about Investigation Boards in Chernobylite. In specific we will discuss, and try to reveal to you, our readers, all the spots for all the Chernobylite Investigation Board Clues.

Chernobylite Investigation Board Clues

There are two different Boards in the game, Igor’s Board and the Heist Board. Chernobylite Igor’s Board is divided into 4 sub-boards. To solve a board, you must reveal all the facts, which are revealed by finding clues.

The Chernobylite Heist Board information is filled by doing various quests. Companions can also appear on the board, if one is lost, they will disappear from the board too. A huge lack of information will cause some companions to not go on the Heist with you.

Chernobylite Igor’s Investigation Board Clues

To solve all of Igor’s board, you will have to find all the facts listed below. We have listed the locations of all the investigation clues in the order you can find them.

Web of Lies

Clue #1: Northern part of First Floor of Kultural Palace Energetik, Pripyat Central

Enter the Kultural Palace Energetik building and look for a Shadows experimentation lab. Inside the lab will be a computer that you can interact with.

Clue #2: Found in Hospital, will be part of the Quest Hermit

Once the Black Stalker boss fight is finished, head towards the upper floors to find a book containing the clues.

Clue #3: In a locked bunker in Kopachi

The locked bunker is located in the northwest part of Kopachi. Get a lockpick and enter the bunker. Inside the bunker will be a computer that contains the clue.

Clue#4: Found in Kindergarten as part of the Quest (An Old Friend)

Once you meet with Semonov, look for a hole in the room. The hole will lead you to a basement where you will find a note next to a Shadow.

Clue #5: Found in Kopaci as a part of the Quest (Big Fish)

You will find a terminal that you can interact with during the quest. The clue will be there.

Clue #6: In the train station in the Red Forest

There is an office near the trainyard. Enter the office to find a note.

Once all of the clues have been collected, start the VR simulation to begin unraveling the mystery.

The Black Stalker

Clue #1: Found after the first fight against the Black Stalker

You will face the Black Stalker during the Hermit quest. Take him out using your weapons and examine the area to get clues.

Clue#2: Download the Data about NAR’s experiments, in Quest Trust

The end of the quest will present you with two choices, where you can delete the data or download it for your own research. Do the latter to find the clue.

Clue #3: Found as a part of the Quest (A Few Things from An Old Hideout)

When you reach the Tarakan’s hideout, download the data from the computers to get this clue.

Clue #4: In Igor’s cell, inside the prison in the Quest Chain Reaction

Look at the desk behind where Igor is chained up. You will see a note on the desk. Pick it up to get the clue.

Clue #5: In a tent in Pripyat Central

When you reach the scientists during the Truth about NAR Experiments quest and find clue #2, interact with the computer that is beside the shadow corpses.

Start the VR simulation when you have collected all of the clues to unveil the truth about the Black Stalker.


Clue #1: Found in the bunker as part of the Quest Old Documents

When you enter the bunker, look for a safe in the area. Once you open the safe, the room will be filled with gas. Your only way to survive will be to turn off the trip by interacting with the switch on the wall. Once the room is empty, pick up the clue from the safe.

Clue #2: 1st floor in the factory building in Moscow Eye

The ground floor of the factory has a room that you can open with a lockpick.

Clue #3: Part of the Quest (A Memento from the Past)

You will find a music box during the quest.

Clue #4: Download the data in Quest Hacking into NAR servers

Once you are presented with the choice of erasing or searching the NAR Servers data, choose the second option to find the clue.

Clue #5: The clue is placed in one of the southern small buildings in Kopaci

There is a small hut on the southern side of the area. Go to that hut to find the note.

Clue #6: Look through the data in the Quest Meeting with Tarakan

You will eventually talk with Tarakan during the Pripyat Port mission. He will tell you to burn the documents that you found. But instead, choose to read the documents to get the clue.

Clue #7: In an apartment near the hospital, the same building where you find Tarakan in Pripyat Port

During the Pripyat Port quest or while you’re roaming in Pripyat Port, you will find this note in the apartment building. Pick this note to complete the seven clues needed for The Conspiracy investigation.

Take the clues to Igor and start the Ariadna VR simulation. The whole story will be revealed to you.

Woman in Red Dress

Found in the Red Forest During the Quest (Black Stalker)

When you reach the end of the quest and find a grave, pick up the bone fragments to get the clue.

Open Prison Cell After the Quest (Chain Reaction)

Once you have completed the Chain Reaction quest, instead of leaving the NAR prison complex, go back to where the cells are on the upper floor. There is a cell that you can unlock with a lockpick.

In Kozlov’s Room

During the Kozlov Kidnapping/Killing quest, you can either kidnap him or kill him at the spot.

If you decide to kill him, you can then interact with the terminal inside Kozlov’s room to get the clue.

But if you choose to kidnap him, you will have to come back during free roam to get this clue.

In a tent where Semonov is

During the Some Excuses quest, you will reach a tent where Semonov is hiding. Enter the tent and look behind Semonov to find a terminal. Interact with it to get the last clue for this investigation.

Start the VR simulation to know about the Woman in Red Dress and what Semonov did to her.

Chernobylite Heist Board Clues

The Chernobylite Heist Board can be completed by performing all the tasks listed below.

  1. Kidnap Kozlov
  2. Complete Quest Chain reaction.
  3. Complete Quest A few Things from an old Hideout.
  4. Complete Quest Checkpoint Assault.
  5. Complete Quest Hardware for a real man.
  6. Companion
  7. Companion Sashko.
  8. Companion Olivier.
  9. Companion Olga.
  10. Companion Tarakan.