How to Change Tribes in Biomutant

In Biomutant, tribes play a vital role in the progression and completion of the story missions. Early in the playthrough, a choice between the Jagni and Myriad tribes is given to players, which they select according to their Auras.

If a player has already chosen a tribe or has a specific Aura, they aren’t stuck with it for the rest of the playthrough. The following guide will help players change their tribes in Biomutant and discuss how choosing different Tribes can affect your playthrough experience.

How to change tribes in Biomutant

The Tribe choice is available to you early game, right after you finish the tutorial phase. If you play the New Game+ game mode, which allows you to experience the story all over again, you get the option to select from all 6 available tribes.

Jagnis allows you to collect Dark Aura points, and it will unlock dark PSI Powers. While the Myriads allow you to farm Light Aura points quicker, and you will get access to Myriad Tribe Boomerang. Each tribe brings its unique weapons, armor, and other benefits.

How do tribes affect your world

Apart from the ending, most of the playthrough storyline remains the same. Myriad’s end goal is to establish harmony between the six tribes. They plan on doing so by protecting the Tree of Life and subduing the Worldeaters.

Their counterparts the Jagni want the eradication of the Tree of Life, they also aim to vanquish the other tribes and establish their authority.

Your Aura can still lean towards both the Light and Dark sides regardless of your selection of tribes. The actions and dialogue you make will affect your Aura in either Jagni or Myriad tribes.

Several creative decisions for your character are still available to you, there are only slight differences in a few levels along with the obvious change in endings.

Changing tribes in Biomutant

Not impressed with or have seen all one tribe has to offer or want to just mix things up a little and switch to the gameplay of the other tribe. Because each tribe’s gameplay is incredibly unique. Then we have some good news you can change your allegiance to any of the two tribes you want.

No matter what tribe you are allied with you can roam around the lands of the other, they welcome you into their arms and want you to join them. Talking to the Sifu is still your way in.

The only drawback is that once you select a tribe a second time that is it for you, and you have locked down the option to change tribes forever. Well, if you were considering changing tribes just for their items then it is interesting to note that you can get them anyway, just take them by brute force from the other tribe, by defeating them in battles.

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