CD Projekt Red Won’t Pay Witcher Author $16 Million But An Alternative Resolution May Be Reached

CD Projekt Red continues to negotiate with the Witcher author over a consensus instead of paying $16 million Kapkowski has demanded from the studio.

Anyone that’s a fan of the Witcher video game series is by now familiar with Andrzej Sapkowski, the writer of the book series that the game was based on. If they are, they also probably know about his demand of $16 million from the game developers. A recent update to the story reaffirms that CD Projekt Red doesn’t plan on paying the Witcher author all that money, however, a new consensus may be reached.

“The arrangements between the parties are ongoing. You should receive information about the solution within a month. There is a chance for a settlement, but this is not yet a foregone conclusion. It can be a form of appreciating Sapkowski’s work. His character, talent and potential when it comes to helping the company create ideas.”

This might actually be a really good consensus. CD Projekt Red won’t be paying the Witcher author, but instead, they’ll be bringing him on board. That way, he can contribute to the creative process behind future Witcher content. Say what you want about Sapkowski, the guy still has a very creative imagination and a knack for amazing writing. Even if he is being, “an ungrateful schmuck”.

CD Projekt Red shouldn’t be eligible to pay any sum of money to Mr. Sapkowski in any scenario, The guy literally sold his title to the studio with no belief in their success. An author usually shouldn’t sell their intellectual property in the first place, let alone for a quick buck. Royalties would’ve garnered much more of a fortune.

When a contractual agreement has been reached, there shouldn’t be any going back on it. Sapkowski himself admits that he screwed up by just selling the IP to CDPR instead of taking royalties. The $9000 he made in a short term gain pretty much sacrificed his actual chance at both wealth and fame. Hopefully, he considers this consensus fair.

Source: Anty Radio

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