Cavefall: Endless Adventures Guide – Combos, Collecting Pages, Quick Flip

In this Cavefall: Endless Adventures Guide, we will guide you how to play Cavefall: Endless Adventures and get to depths unknown. Cavefall: Endless Adventures is a runner game but takes the genre to a new setting where you will be descending a cave and all obstacles will spawn under you.

This is actually quite a challenging game. We have curated this Cavefall: Endless Adventures Guide for you and we have included some tips and tricks that will surely help you play the game. So let us start with our Cavefall: Endless Adventures Guide.

Cavefall: Endless Adventures Guide

Cavefall: Endless Adventures Guide details everything you need to know about playing Cavefall: Endless Adventures and getting those high scores.

Cavefall: Endless Adventures Tips and Strategies

Monster Combos!

As catchy as it sounds, these combos are literally monster combos. These combos are initiated when you kill at least three monsters in a row and in quick time succession. Once initiated, you must try to keep this combo alive by collecting red orbs.

Keep this combo meter high and you will earn some really high scores in the end. If you fail to keep the combo going, the meter will exhaust and your combo will end.

Unravel the Mystery by Collecting Pages

You are not the first one to venture into these caves. Many expedition teams have come to explore these caves before and they have left notes in the caves for you to collect and know their secrets and their expedition stories. Collect them all to know about what happened to them and unravel the mystery.

Know the Obstacles

Each level has some unique obstacles that you must be aware of. The first level, Icy Cave, has nothing exceptional, just the ice spikes and slippery ice walls. Dark Cave will introduce you to spiked walls with red buttons. Easy to manage if you slide over the buttons to flip them open.

Ancient Tunnel has a few tricks up its sleeve for you. You will encounter purple monsters and tentacles; they will break the walls suddenly and appear out of nowhere.

Here, some walls will be covered in purple goo that does the opposite of what ice walls do. Last new obstacle will be the glowing purple blob which releases a smaller blob to follow you when you pass it. You can easily shake it off by jumping between walls quickly.

The Lost Ruins will have alternate spike walls, make sure you are jumping to the inactive wall at the right time otherwise; you will land on the spikes. Hence, you should learn the obstacles.

Quick Flip

When you are jumping, you do not need to touch the opposite wall before returning to the first wall. This is called Quick Flip. This is helpful for you in many areas and you can easily jump back and forth without touching the opposite wall. It is helpful to avoid obstacles.

Especially useful if you come across a monster and a spiked wall and the same time and only one wall can be jumped on. You should practice using the Quick Flip as it is really a useful feature of the game and it will save you from certain death in many cases.

This concludes our Cavefall: Endless Adventures Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!

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