Capcom Working On New Dead Rising Game And Will Close Puzzle Fighter

Lately, there are new rumors that Capcom may be working on the latest Dead Rising sequel. Today Capcom announced that it will close the Puzzle Fighter on July 31 and says that they will be dedicating and focusing their famous Vancouver studio on its Dead Rising franchise.

This could mean that Dead Rising 5 is in the making. The last game in the franchise was released in December 2016 and shows a pretty good performance on PC. But this game also uses the controversial Denuvo and was originally released as a timed exclusive for PC and Xbox One.

Then in April 2017, Capcom revealed that the game did not match sales expectations. In December 2017 the last update of this game released and since then there is no more news about this game. Does Capcom’s above statement mean that this game will reappear? According to the studio:

Firstly, we’d like to thank all the fans who have supported and enjoyed our Puzzle Fightermobile game thus far. As huge fans of Puzzle Fighter ourselves, the team here at Capcom Game Studio Vancouver is proud to have created a new version of the game that’s unique and enjoyable.

As the studio is dedicating its focus to our flagship Dead Rising franchise, we have decided to sunset Puzzle Fighter. The game will be removed from app stores on July 1 and servers will be shut down on July 31. The game will still be playable until July 31 and today we are gifting all players 10,000 in-game gem currency. We are also making upcoming characters (Regina, Dr. Wily and Ada Wong) and stages (Darminor and Uroboros Laboratory) available for free for fans to enjoy up until this time. Regina and Dr. Wily will be available in-game later today, while Ada Wong and the new stages will be released on Monday April 23. Later today the game’s soundtrack will also be available to stream online for free via SoundCloud. In addition, the previous Classic Mode special limited event will be available at all times up until the server closure.

Looks like it’s the end of the puzzle fighter game but still it has few events to go through before vanishing. Characters will be made available for free which include Ada Wong and Redina.

Speaking of Capcom, the studio has potentially teased Resident Evil 2 remake with a cryptic Tweet. The Tweet in question was posted by the Research and Development Division 1 at Capcom. According to the post, the team is currently in the USA and also uploaded an image showcasing a finger from Resident Evil 7 demo and a half-hidden typewriter.

Looks like Dead Rising 5 will not launch until late 2019.

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