Capcom Bringing Back Dynasty Wars Franchise?

The classic Dynasty Wars game franchise by Capcom could make a return going by a recent trademark filed by the Japanese game developer.

Capcom recently filed a trademark under the title “Dynasty Wars”. This title refers to a beat-em-up arcade game released in 1989 by Capcom. This recent trademark suggests that Capcom could be planning to revive the franchise for the modern era of gaming.

dynasty wars trademark

The classic Dynasty Wars game was based on a Japanese manga called ‘Tenchi wo Kurau’. Capcom reenacted a battle between two old Chinese factions in the game. Players could choose to become one of the four Chinese generals to squash the rebellion against them.

Beat-em-up games like Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and Streets of Rage were very popular in the late ’90. Despite the games having a simple premise, the gameplay was engaging enough to warrant hours of grinding. Dynasty Wars was a part of this golden age of gaming.

The classic game had characters riding horses and mowing down foes using their trusty weapons. Players could team up in co-op mode and crush the rebellion against them. In classic beat-em-up fashion, players could use potions dropped by fallen enemies to recover their health.

If this recent trademark is any indication, its that Capcom will give Dynasty Wars the same treatment that the Streets of Rage franchise is receiving. Publisher Dotemu officially announced a Streets of Rage 4 back in 2018. A new Dynasty Wars game for this generation could mark a return of the classic beat-em-up genre.

Fans trust that Capcom can do no wrong these days. The Japanese game developer has been hitting it out of the park with its recent games like Devil May Cry 5 and the Resident Evil 2 remake. If any game developer should be tasked with bringing a beat-up-game back to life, its Capcom.