Cancelled Tron Game From Fracture Developer Revealed

Remember a few years ago when Day 1 Studios, the developer of Fracture, was creating a Tron game that would tie-in with the movie Tron: Legacy? Well, that Tron game went nowhere as Disney ultimately ended up canceling the project.

However, Unseen64, an independent online archive focused on preserving old games, has recently discovered some early build footage of the Tron game that was being developed by Day 1.

The game project was tentatively titled TR2N: Liberation, partly because of all the secrecy Disney had surrounding the movie Tron: Legacy.

Since the movie studio had refused to even show concept art to the developers who were supposed to build a game that would tie-in to the movie, Day 1 had been pretty much flying blind and based their design on the original Tron movie.

Day 1’s Tron game was to be a linear adventure although the level design was in such a way that it felt open ended and players weren’t restricted in any form. They could easily swap between on-foot movement or a light cycle with the press of a button.

The game’s combat was also supposed to be slower paced and methodical as compared to the hack and slash style of Tron: Evolution. The fight sequences were mostly 1 on 1, arena styled combat which involved precise timings to dodge and deflect enemy attacks.

The canceled Tron game was also supposed to feature a PvP game mode although it was to only be restricted to light cycle racing and the combat in the race was limited to creating light walls to cause an opponent to crash. A jump function was also included that would allow players to jump over those light walls.

Reportedly Disney liked Day 1’s pitch for TR2N: Liberation, but ultimately Turok developer Propaganda Games underbid them, claiming it could make its Tron game cheaper and faster, meeting the film’s holiday 2010 deadline.

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