Mike Chapman Explains Why Some Sea of Thieves Players May Use Smaller Ships

Sea of Thieves won't force multiplayer and allows you to completely enjoy the game solo. Mike Chapman shared new details about the solo mode.

Sea of Thieves is an amazing new open world game from Microsoft. Playing as a pirate, you are in charge of your own ship. You can have your friends on onboard as part of your crew and take to the sea, explore, loot, and enjoy the life of a pirate.

Massive ships with massive crews riding the tides is the premise of Sea of Thieves. However, many players may choose to go with smaller ships with more manageable crews.

Mike Chapman recently spoke to us about Sea of Thieves and how players can enjoy the experience in different ways. He explained that the game does not force you to play with large parties.

You can play Sea of Thieves exactly the way you want to.

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Players will be able to adventure on their own small ship, embarking on the same types of quests, taking advantage of emergent opportunities and progressing to the point where they begin to customize both their ship and character, just like players who may prefer to play in larger groups.

I fully expect players to play on the small ship for a whole host of reasons. Maybe their friends are offline, maybe they just want to sit back and relax on their own, maybe they want to play with one other friend or even several other friends on that small ship.

The small ship is designed for small crews, including crews of one. The fact that it has one mast, fewer cannons and is easier to sail while alone just feels natural and intuitive. It can still be upgraded and customized and for many players it may well be their first step in Sea of Thieves. Whether they decide to ever play on larger ships with bigger crews is up to them.

Your ship and character can be customized extensively whether you are playing solo or with your friends. Sea of Thieves will release on PC and Xbox One sometime next year.

It will release as part of Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere Program.

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