COD WW2 Zombies: Best Loadouts

Pack the best mods for your team.

One of the most interesting features coming out in Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies is the loadouts section, which works like the “create a class” function. The loadout gives you the ability to select special abilities, mods, weapons, and utility before you head onto the map.


Before you start taking on the Easter Egg, you should pay special attention to the different available classes and then choose the one that works best for you.

Depending on your preferred playstyle, your selections of these options will vary considerably. Also, since there are so many of them available, those choices become even harder to make.

There are four major roles in every game of Zombies that you need to choose before a match starts. These roles include Control, Medic, Offense, and Support.

Each role has its special ability and mods that greatly affect the whole team. You start with the special ability which be defensive or offensive depending on the class.

These special abilities have further options of equipping three mods out of five. Mods enhance special abilities in numerous ways. Most mods are class-specific, but there are also a few universal mods that can be used with any special ability.


Mods can be upgraded using Raven Tokens, which you earn during your Rank advancements. 

The main focus of your loadouts should be the special abilities and mods – the primary weapons and the lethals make little to no difference, and you can pick whichever ones you are comfortable with.

For example, if you have good aim, then a sniper rifle like a KAR98K would be the best starting weapon for you. 

With the basics out of the way, we can now move on to the best loadouts in Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies.

Best Solo Player Loadout

Special ability: Freefire
Mod #1: Fully loaded (Universal)
Mod #2: Pack Mule (Universal)
Mod #3: Marksmanship (Freefire)

If you’re planning to jump onto a map as a lone wolf, you better come prepared with everything in your arsenal. This includes a massive amount of firepower, a huge amount of ammo capacity, and insane skill, of course.

Luckily, you get everything you need with the selection of these mods. The Freefire special ability is an amazing one because it gives you unlimited ammunition for 20 seconds – even if you don’t have any left.

This can come in quite handy when trying to get out of a pinch. When using this ability, we recommend using a gun with a very high damage or fire rate, so you can make the most of it and kill as many zombies as possible.

Whenever your special ability isn’t available, the Fully loaded mod becomes extremely valuable, increasing your reserve ammo capacity.

The Marksmanship mod triples the damage you deal by headshots whilst using the ability. This is a big one because if you use a gun with a high fire rate, combined with a limitless well of ammo, you are bound to hit multiple headshots in a short time, completely obliterating hordes of zombies within seconds.

Lastly, the Pack Mule mod allows you to carry 3 weapons, which is essential while playing solo so you can get to choose your preferred weapon according to the situation.

Best Support Loadout

Special ability: Frontline
Mod #1: Team Effort (Frontline)
Mod #2: Vicious (Frontline)
Mod #3: Pack Mule (Universal)

If you are jumping onto any map with a team, then this is one of the best COD WW2 Zombies loadouts you can bring with you. With the Frontline special ability, all of the zombies on the map focus their attention on the user, ignoring their teammates.

Additionally, the user also gets double damage for the duration of the ability. However, despite the double damage, the user can still get downed very easily if they are surrounded.

This is why this is a team ability and must be used strategically. You can either use this ability to help any teammates in trouble or to lure zombies to a specific location for a trap.

The Team Effort mod increases the damage output of your teammates for the duration of the special ability. This is quite helpful since the zombies won’t be targeting your teammates, so they can get rid of a majority of them quickly.

Apart from the already double damage you get with the special ability active, the Vicious mod adds a further 300% damage to it, allowing you to become a one-tap machine and significantly reducing the risk of getting surrounded.

Finally, the Pack Mule mod allows you to carry an additional weapon, which makes you even more devastating by allowing you to pick weapons as the situation requires it.

Best Control Loadout

Special ability: Shellshock
Mod #1: Fully loaded (Universal)
Mod #2: Pack Mule (Universal)
Mod #3: Exploit Weakness (Shellshock)

This loadout allows you to get an edge over the Zombies by Stunning them, with little use of other, pure offense-enhancing mods. The Shellshock is a controlling ability that creates an aura around the player, damaging, knocking back, and stunning any zombies that come in contact with it.

Now that they are considerably slowed down, you can take advantage of your mods – especially the Exploit Weakness mod – to take them down quickly and efficiently. The EW mod allows you to deal triple the damage to zombies affected by Shellshock.

The Pack Mule serves the same purpose as before – to give you an upper hand in choosing a third primary weapon. Lastly, the Fully loaded mod increases your reserve ammunition capacity, which is an essential perk to have if you are going solo.

Best Medic Loadout

Special ability: Camouflage
Mod #1: Fully loaded (Universal)
Mod #2: Grenadier (Universal)
Mod #3: Hoarder (Universal)

If you’re planning to play WW2 Zombies with a bunch of inexperienced players, you better bring the best medic loadout along with you. The purpose of the medic loadout is simple – to be able to help and revive your teammates – all while being self-sufficient.

We’ll be picking the Camouflage special ability. This won’t necessarily be used to help your teammates, but the invisibility will help you stay alive since you won’t have any mods that make you an offensive beast.


This special ability makes the zombies chase your teammates instead, so make sure to use it strategically.

Best Solo Grosten House Loadout

Special ability: Camouflage
Mod #1: Fully Loaded (Universal)
Mod #2: Specialist Training (Universal)
Mod #3: Hoarder (Universal)

The Grosten House is the second map in WW2 Zombies and is one of the hardest, yet enjoyable maps in the game. For those reasons, this map deserves its specific loadout.


You can unlock this map only via Local Play or by beating the main Easter Egg in the Final Reich.

First and foremost, since you will mostly be playing solo on this map and are bound to be surrounded by hordes and hordes of Zombies, the Camouflage special ability will prove invaluable to protecting you. Combined with the mod next in line, you can use this invisibility buff to your advantage by killing a huge number of zombies quickly and efficiently.

The Fully Loaded mod allows you to increase your weapon’s ammo-carrying capacity by 50%. This mod is essential for your primary weapon of choice for this map – which will be the MP-40.

Combined with the Specialist Training mod which reduces the cost for a special ability, you will also be filling up that bar very quickly by killing more zombies. Hence, these two mods are a perfect selection for this special ability.

The last mod, Hoarder, grants you an extra Blitz Power-Up/perk slot, which is a very overpowered buff considering you get to carry four of them at the same time. If you manage to get the Kugelblitz perk, along with the Schnellblitz perk together with this loadout, then you may even become unstoppable.

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