Call of Duty WW2 Epic Uniforms and Weapons Unlocks Guide

Call of Duty WW2 Epic Uniforms and Weapons Unlocks Guide will help you with unlocking the Epic Weapons and Epic uniforms that players can acquire but, only after fulfilling certain requirements.

Unlocking Epic Uniforms and weapons is a bit of a task as you will need to fulfill certain requirements. If you wish to know how to unlock epic weapons and epic uniforms, the following article will help you out.

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Call of Duty WW2 Epic Uniforms and Weapons Unlocks

CoD WW2 Epic Uniforms and Weapons Unlocks Guide will detail everything that players need to know to unlock Epic Uniforms and Epic Weapons in Call of Duty WW2.

Keep in mind that epic outfits are cosmetic and will have no impact on gameplay while epic weapons will give a clear advantage to the player wielding it.

Epic Weapons Unlock

Weapons in CoD WW2 have epic versions of themselves which have certain requirements that players need to fulfill before they can be unlocked. However, not every weapon has an Epic version and below is the list of all Epic Weapons along with details on how to unlock them.


Shack-Man – Epic SVT-40
To unlock the Epic SVT-40 players need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • The Old Guard (Uniform)
  • Charge! (Calling Card)
  • Full Moon (Pistol)
  • Semi-Automatic (Calling Card)
  • Jumping Jacks (Emote)
  • Number 40 (Calling Card)
  • Dang Nabbit (Emote)
  • Red Fox (Common Pistol)

Roundabout – Epic Lee Enfield

  • Calgary Highlanders (Uniform)
  • Ear to Ear (Emote)
  • Headshot (Calling Card)
  • Hot Shot (Calling Card)
  • Cheers Mate! (Emote)
  • Tea Break (Pistol)
  • For the Queen (Pistol)

Revised – Epic FG 42

  • British ATS Officer (Uniform)
  • Jerries! (Emote)
  • Aerial Advance (Rare Pistol)
  • Fully Automatic (Calling Card)
  • Cheer Yeah! (Emote)
  • Above the Clouds (Common Pistol)
  • Fallen (Calling Card)

Candy – Epic Grease Gun

  • Parachute Battalion (Uniform)
  • Test Fire (Calling Card)
  • Facepalm (Emote)
  • We Can Do It (Pistol)
  • Good Job (Emote)
  • Factory Girl (Pistol)
  • The Greaser (Calling Card)
  • Wreckage (Calling Card)

Trigger Happy – Epic Waffe 28 

  • Soviet Naval Infantry (Uniform)
  • Hubba Hubba (Emote)
  • Strafing Run (Pistol)
  • Dive Bomb (Pistol)
  • Bupkis (Emote)
  • Push Forward (Emote)
  • Designed for Battle (Emote)

Shorty – Epic MG 15

  • Aurora (Uniform)
  • Volunteer (Pistol)
  • Slow Clap (Emote)
  • Rate of Fire (Calling Card)
  • Done For (Emote)
  • Fish Food (Pistol)
  • Invasion Force (Calling Card)

Thrive – Epic PPSh-41

  • 61st Battalion (Uniform)
  • Bullet Hose (Calling Card)
  • Cheer (Emote)
  • Red Towers (Pistol)
  • All Quiet (Calling Card)
  • Ease Up (Emote)
  • Cathedral (Pistol)
  • Fire from the Hip (Calling Card)

Ranger – Epic M1903

  • Ruby Loftus (Uniform)
  • Bring it on! (Emote)
  • Belly Up (Emote)
  • Deep Breath (Calling Card)
  • Lady Luck (Pistol0
  • Air and Sea (Pistol)
  • Admit One (Calling Card)
  • This is My Rifle (Calling Card)

Checked Out – Epic Type 100

  • Dog Fighter (Uniform)
  • Surprise Attack (Pistol)
  • Eye Contact (Emote)
  • Spraying Bullets (Calling Card)
  • GG (Emote)
  • Battle Cry (Pistol)
  • Answer the Call (Calling Card)
  • Running and Gunning (Calling Card)

Heimat – Epic Machine Pistol

  • 25th Rifle (Uniform)
  • Comical (Calling Card)
  • Bombs Away (Pistol)
  • Jaws of Death (Pistol)
  • Gravy (Emote)
  • Thanks (Emote)
  • Fast Fire (Calling Card)

Jawbreaker  – Epic M1941

  • Netherlands Infantry (Uniform)
  • War Toon (Pistol)
  • Pain Killer (Pistol)
  • Fire Fight (Calling Card)
  • Thumbs Up (Emote)
  • Amazing (Emote)
  • Bayonet Fixed (Calling Card)

Zipper – Epic MG 42

  • Soviet Infantry (Uniform)
  • Thunderstruck (Pistol)
  • Buzzsaw (Calling Card)
  • Covering Fire (Calling Card)
  • Fantastic (Emote)
  • Buy the Farm (Emote)
  • Lighning War (Pistol)

Rookie – Epic M1 Garand

  • The Bleeders (Uniform)
  • US Winter (Uniform)
  • Heartland (Pistol)
  • Battle Implement (Calling Card)
  • Liberty and Justice (Rare Pistol)
  • Storming the Beach (Calling Card)
  • Cat’s Meow (Emote)

Eagle’s Nest – Epic M1 Bazooka

  • US Medic (Uniform)
  • Gobbledygook (Emote)
  • All Aboard (Calling Card)
  • Stovepipe (Calling Card)
  • Feeding Frenzy (Pistol)
  • Great White (Pistol)
  • Paint it Green (Calling Card)

Midnight – Epic Karabin

  • The Cherry Picker (Uniform)
  • Not Yet Lost (Pistol)
  • Lens Glint (Calling Card)
  • Yes! (Emote)
  • Break the Silence (Calling Card)
  • No Way! (Emote)
  • Emblem (Pistol)

Jupiter – Epic 1911

  • Mechanized Infantry (Uniform)
  • Wings of Freedom (Pistol)
  • Eagle Eyed (Pistol)
  • Sidearm (Calling Card)
  • Hot Dog! (Emote)
  • Always Watching (Calling Card)
  • Single Action – (Calling Card)

Bite the Dust – Epic M1A1 Carbine

  • Golden Sun (Epic Uniform)
  • Steady Shot ( Calling Card)
  • What’s Buzzin ( Emote)
  • Paygrade ( Emote)
  • War on all Fronts ( Pistol)
  • United We Stand ( Pistol)
  • Sharpshooter ( Calling Card)

Wunderwaffe – Epic MP-40

  • Spearhead (Uniform)
  • Forest Sapper (Uniform)
  • Caution (Pistol)
  • Heavy Recoil (Calling Card)
  • Over Here ( Emote)
  • War Machine (Pistol)
  • Close Quarters Battle (Calling Card)

Thunderclap – Epic Panzerschreck

  • Sovier Sapper ( Uniform)
  • Up in Flames (Pistol)
  • Short Fuse (Pistol)
  • Tank Buster (Calling Card)
  • Hot Damn (Emote)
  • Launch Time (Calling Card)

Fortitude – Epic US Shovel

  • Soviet Winter Infantry (Uniform)
  • Desert Heat (Calling Card)
  • Bust Your Chops (Emote)
  • Bloody Mess (Pistol)
  • Diggers (Pistol)
  • Improvised Weapon (Calling Card)
  • Multi-Purpose (Calling Card)

Enigma – Epic Toggle Action

  • US Pilot (Uniform)
  • Ruffled Feathers (Pistol)
  • Take a Gander (Emote)
  • Night Owl (Pistol)
  • Munitions (Calling Card)
  • Down the Hatch (Calling Card)
  • Black and White (Calling Card)

Crusader – Epic Sawed-off Shotgun

  • US Talker (Uniform)
  • Spent Brass (Calling Card)
  • Ship’s Wheel (Pistol)
  • Steady as she goes (Pistol)
  • War Torn (Calling Card)
  • Hang it Up (Emote)

Serum – Epic STG44

  • Ace of Aces (Pistol)
  • US Riveter (Uniform)
  • US Tanker (Uniform)
  • Flying Circus (Pistol)
  • What’s Cooking (Emote)
  • Assault Rifle 44 (Calling Card)
  • At the Ready (Calling Card)

Epic Uniforms Unlock

Here are the requirements/items you need to have in order to unlock epic outfits in the game. Epic outfits are cosmetic and will have no impact on gameplay.

Hell on Wheels

  • British Air Force (Uniform)
  • Viper (Calling Card)
  • Splatter (Calling Card)
  • Wohoo! (Emote)
  • What’s up Ace? (Emote)
  • Raining Brass ( Pistol)
  • Shotgun Shells (Pistol)


  • Navy Code Talker (Uniform)
  • No…No, No, No (Emote)
  • 12 Gauge (Calling Card)
  • Take a Powder (Emote)
  • Little Red Wagon (Pistol)
  • Clean Sweep (Pistol)
  • Smoking Gun (Calling Card)


  • The 83rd (Uniform)
  • Paper (Emote)
  • Proud to Serve (Calling Card)
  • Overkill (Calling Card)
  • Hibiscus (Pistol)
  • Hi (Emote)
  • Paradise (Pistol)
  • Action Shot (Calling Card)


  • Task Force 9 (Uniform)
  • Hand Gun (Calling Card)
  • Scissors (Emote)
  • Bullseye (Calling Card)
  • No… (Emote)
  • Iron Talons (Pistol)
  • Mascot (Pistol)

Royal Highland Regiment

  • Clinical Nurse (Uniform)
  • Rock (Emote)
  • Candy Bar (Calling Card)
  • Out to Sea (Pistol)
  • Homefront Hero (Calling Card)
  • Holy Mackerel (Emote)
  • Battleship (Pistol)
  • Ice Cream Bar (Calling Card)

Special Boat Service

  • Transport Service Officer (Uniform)
  • For Glory (Calling Card)
  • Yawn (Emote)
  • King of the Castle (Pistol)
  • Rough Terrain (Calling Card)
  • Time to Grandstand (Emote)
  • ]War Games (Pistol)

Armored Battalion

  • Indianhead (Uniform)
  • Kraken (Calling Card)
  • British Commando (Uniform)
  • Here be Monsters (Pistol)
  • Cheer and Clap (Emote)
  • Terror of the Deep (Pistol)
  • Beneath the Waves (Calling Card)

Emergency Nurse

  • Canada Black Watch (Uniform)
  • Gear Up (Calling Card)
  • Defeat (Emote)
  • Checkmate (Pistol)
  • Land Ship (Calling Card)
  • Day at the Range (Calling Card)
  • Royal Armor (Pistol)

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