Call Of Duty: Warzone’s Train To Be Updated With “Many Mechanics & Game Modes”

Infinity Ward has stated that the train in Call of Duty: Warzone will be updated with new mechanics and game modes in the future.

Call of Duty: Warzone was released with a train station and train tracks, but it was only during the ongoing season that developer Infinity Ward introduced a train. Verdansk now features a loot-filled train steaming across the map and which can be boarded by players for quick transportation and getaways.

Speaking with RedBull in a recent interview, co-design director of multiplayer Joe Cecot stated that there are “a bunch of ideas” to update the train and make it better in Warzone. Continuing the discussion, associate creative director Amos Hodge added that some of the ideas play around with giving the train new mechanics and game modes for players to experience.

While the said ideas were specifically never clarified or revealed, both Cecot and Hodge confirmed that Infinity Ward is keeping tabs with the community and their suggestions, not for just the train but for Warzone in general.

The train was actually really fun to put in, and it’s really fun to play with, and we’re working on lots of ideas to update the train in general. Everyone has so many ideas on how to make the train better, so many mechanics and game modes. We’re definitely talking about all that stuff, reading Reddit and seeing suggestions and everyone’s just excited about it.

However, the player-base should not expect an update to go live any time soon. Cecot clearly mentioned that the task of improving the train remains on the drawing board for the time being. When some ideas do start to materialize, they will so sometime in the future, which leaves out the current season of Warzone.

We have a bunch of ideas around how to use the train for different game modes, but we don’t have any specifics right now. The note came up, definitely, of it starting in the same place and that’s something we’d like to address in the future.

The train was not the only new addition to Warzone. Verdansk received several map changes, another of which was the football stadium which has now been opened. The most crucial improvement though will ultimately be for the anti-cheat. Warzone remains a hostage of numerous cheaters and hackers since day one, and the situation is just becoming worse with each season.

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