Call Of Duty: Warzone Cheats Are Being Advertised Openly On Google

It becomes problematic to know that Google itself has been advertising Call of Duty: Warzone cheats for whatever reason.

Call of Duty: Warzone has been a victim of rampant cheating since its release. It hence becomes even more problematic when knowing that Google itself has been advertising Warzone cheats for whatever reason.

Searching for keywords like Warzone cheats or Warzone hacks for example will have Google show paid-for advertisements from where players can purchase third-party software like aimbots and wallhacks to wreak havoc in Verdansk.

While that might seem obvious since Google searches are supposed to show advertisements based on searches, the said situation with Call of Duty: Warzone actually goes against its own policies.

According to Google AdSense policies, “products or services that are designed to enable dishonest behavior” are strictly prohibited. Examples posted by Google of such content include “hacking software or instructions and academic cheating services,” which pretty much covers Warzone cheats as well and hence, Google should never be advertising them in the first place.

Google is not alone though. Cheaters have been pompously streaming themselves on Facebook since the start of the year. Facebook Gaming has in fact even been found guilty of promoting the most popular Warzone cheaters.

Last month, developer Raven Software announced itself to be “stepping up anti-cheat efforts” after the Call of Duty community once again went up in arms against an increased number of cheaters following the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Similar assurances have been given by publisher Activision as well where Activision will be upgrading the existing anti-cheat of Warzone for enhanced cheat detections alongside other security measures.

In context, a new Call of Duty: Warzone cheat was reported to be in the market just on the weekend which players have been using to end matches earlier than normal. Even with over a dozen remaining players, the cheat somehow triggers the game to prematurely end with the victor none other than the cheat-triggering player.

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