Call Of Duty: Warzone Will Soon Support 200 Players

The ongoing new fourth season looks to when Call of Duty: Warzone will be allowing up to 200 players to jump into Verdansk all at once.

During the weekend, several players came across an in-game menu-image that teased three upcoming and unannounced modes. There was firstly a battle royale mode with a Juggernaut which was actually mentioned in the roadmap shared by Infinity Ward for the fourth season. The other two modes were Warzone and Plunder with both supporting 200 players.

Warzone was launched with a cap of 150 players per match, as was Plunder. The cap being lifted to accomodate an additional 50 players though comes without surprise. Infinity Ward had previously confirmed that support for 200 players was being internally tested and that the community can expect the player-count to be increased soon. The statement was given around when Warzone was launched. Hence, the internal testing took three seasons to complete.

Like Modern Warfare and its conventional multiplayer, Warzone has received new playlists on a timely basis. Verdansk got a new Warzone Rumble mode with the start of the fourth season where two teams of 50 players take on each other in a fast Team Deathmatch setting. Since the new modes have already been ousted, expect the developer to replace the new deathmatch mode with one of the aforementioned three in the coming weeks.

That being said, the servers have been taking a severe beating since the fourth season started. Releasing a 200-player mode right now would probably be a mistake. Hopefully, Infininty Ward can stabilize the servers before increasing the cap.

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