Call of Duty Mobile Weapons Tier List

This guide contains the best weapons you can use in Call of Duty Mobile ranked by their tier lists so you have an idea of how powerful each gun is

Call of Duty Mobile has a very impressive collection of weapons with weapons you’ll recognize from both Modern Warfare and Black Ops games. It has all different types of weapons; from Assault Rifles to Snipers, to LMGs and so on.

You have the opportunity to pick the exact gun which suits your play-style. In this tier list, we are going to rank every weapon (on their base form) from each of the weapon categories in Call of Duty Mobile. Do remember that these weapons might get nerfed/buffed, later on, so we will keep this list updated.

Call of Duty Mobile Weapons Tier List

Depending on your playstyle, you can choose either of these weapon types but keep their tiers in mind to get an idea of how well they perform.

Tier 1 Weapons Tier 2 Weapons Tier 3 Weapons Tier 4 Weapons
AK-47 BK57 XPR-50 ASM10
AK177 M4 M16
DL Q33 Type 25 LK24
UL 736 Arctic .05 M4 LMG
PDW-57 M21 EBR HG 40
Striker RPD HS2126

Tier 1

As the name suggests, these are the best of the best guns that CoD Mobile has to offer


Probably the most popular Assault Rifle of all-time, and rightfully so. It has incredible damage, as it is literally the highest damage AR in the game, coupled with decent fire-rate and range.

However, it has quite a strong recoil. If you are a new player who isn’t used to the recoil mechanic, it will take some time to master it, but it will be worth it in the end.

This weapon is unlocked at level 23.

Time to Kill 0.32 seconds.

This gun is a beast. It can mow down an enemy in 0.25 seconds. What more can be said about it? It has great damage, with decent range and fire-rate, but high recoil.

If you are good at spray control, this is another excellent choice for you.

Time to Kill0.25 seconds.

DL Q33
This gun is very similar to the beloved Intervention in the other COD games. As with the Intervention, this gun seems a bit intimidating at first, but when you master the scope-in, you will come to adore it.

This gun has a very slow fire-rate, so you can’t really afford to miss shots. But if you have good aim, you can pretty much one-shot most of your enemies.

Time to Kill – 0.17 seconds.

UL 736
This gun has crazy damage with an impressive range. It is almost like an AK-47 with a larger magazine. You can mow through your enemies with this LMG.

Time to Kill – 0.30 seconds.

PDW- 57
Since close-range damage is the main focus of Submachine Guns, it doesn’t get better than the PDW-57. It absolutely destroys in close-range combat. Unless your opponent has a PDW-57 themselves, they don’t really stand much of a chance.

Its range and accuracy are far from great. But as it is an SMG, you’re not going to be using it for long-distance shooting anyway.

Time to Kill – 0.24 seconds.

The AKS-74U has insane damage and fire-rate. When you get up close and personal with your opponent, you will just shred through them. Not much more can be said about this gun, just remember to not use it in long-distance shooting.

Time to Kill – 0.30 seconds.

At first, the Striker may not seem that great as some other shotguns have higher damage. However, when you actually use it, you will realize how practical it is. It can one-shot from close range. And it also has a decent fire-rate, so even if you miss a shot, you still have a chance to recover.

Time to Kill – 0.17 seconds.

Tier 2

Right below S-Tier, these weapons are still pretty good and if you want a bit of challenge, go for A-Tier guns.

When you unlock it at level 115, the BK57 also comes with a movement speed upgrade. The damage is not that exciting, but it is made up for by its high fire-rate, range, and accuracy.

Time to Kill – 0.47 seconds.

The M4 is another fan favorite gun, across various shooter game. This is mostly because of its extremely high accuracy. It is one of the few guns in the game which does not require any spray control. You can just go full automatic and spray down your enemies.

Time to Kil – 0.40 seconds.

Type 25
Type 25 has very high damage, comparable to that of the AK-47. It also has a very fast rate of fire, so it performs very well at close range. It does not have very good accuracy, so you will have to master the spray control for this gun to be effective when shooting from a distance.

Time to Kill –  0.34 seconds.

Arctic .05
It will take some time to unlock the Arctic .05, but it is surely worth the wait. It has moderately higher fire-rate and mobility than the DL Q33, at the cost of lower damage.

Because of its high mobility, this gun allows you to play with a run-and-gun style if you do it properly.

Time to Kill – 0.20 seconds.

This gun does not boast a very high damage output, but it makes up for it with its high fire-rate, allowing you to not get punished if you miss a shot.

Put the Tactical Scope on the M21 EBR and you’ve got yourself a great sniper rifle.

Time to Kill – 0.30 seconds.

The S36 has insane damage and fire-rate, making it an excellent choice for close-range combat. The only reason it is in the A Tier instead of S Tier is due to its low accuracy. Meaning it will take some time to master its recoil. Once you do, you will demolish your enemies with this gun.

Time to Kill – 0.24 seconds.

The RPD is the first LMG you will unlock. You will have to play with it for some time before you unlock another one. It is a very well-balanced gun, with good damage, range, and accuracy. A great starter gun.

Time to Kill – 0.36 seconds.

What makes the Chicom so great is that it comes with a bonus perk. This perk grants increased reload speed for each kill. It has great damage, accuracy and mobility, making it a very well-rounded gun. It is unlocked at level 130 and is definitely worth the wait.

Time to Kill – 0.27 seconds.

The only reason this gun is in A Tier instead of S Tier is because of its slow fire-rate. Meaning, you can’t afford to miss your shots. Other than that, it has incredible damage and mobility, making it a very fun and powerful gun to play with.

Time to Kill0.12 seconds.

The BY15 is a well-rounded shotgun. It has great damage with a decent fire-rate. What more could you want with a pump shotgun?

Time to Kill – 0.23 seconds.

Tier 3

This gun is unlocked at level 88. Despite the fact that it is at the bottom of this list, it is still a viable option for a sniper rifle. The biggest downside of this gun is it low accuracy and range. It has the fastest fire-rate of any sniper rifle, but the aforementioned accuracy and range render it almost useless.

Time to Kill – 0.38 seconds.

When you obtain the M16 at level 46, you will receive a bonus with it. This grants you boosted movement speed when you respawn, making it a good choice for Team Deathmatch. It has somewhat underwhelming damage, with decent range and fire-rate and very high accuracy.

If recoil is a problem for you, the M16 is a good choice.

Time to Kill – 1.10 seconds.

The LK24 is a good gun, but the fact that it is unlocked at level 74 makes it a bit underwhelming. By the time you unlock it, you will most likely have upgraded your other guns, making them far better than the LK24.

Time to Kill – 0.50 seconds.

The M4LMG is not a horrendous gun, but it pales in comparison to the other LMGs. There isn’t really anything special about it. It has average damage, mobility, fire-rate. However, it is the most accurate LMG. If the other LMGs have too much recoil for you, then you could give the M4LMG a shot.

Time to Kill0.54 seconds.

HG 40
The HG 40 has good range and accuracy, but not good damage or fire-rate. As it is a SMG, the range doesn’t really matter. Most of the other SMGs are a better choice than the HG 40.

Time to Kill – 0.45 seconds.

The MSMC boasts the highest fire-rate out of all the SMGs. This seems promising at first, but it quickly waters down when you realize how bad it is in all other aspects. It has short range, bad accuracy and average damage.

Sometimes this gun works in close-range, and kills enemies pretty quickly, but It isn’t very efficient; meaning you can’t rely on it.

Time to Kill – 0.25 seconds.

With every category, there is always the odd one out. With shotguns, it is the HS2126. As it is a shotgun, you can’t really expect much from it. But as compared to the other ones, it is really not good at all; with its horrible range.

Time to Kill – 0.26 seconds.

Tier 4

The reason why the ASM10 is placed at the very bottom of this list is because of its very low damage and range. Also, because it is unlocked at level 138. As with the LK24, by the time you unlock this gun, you will have upgraded your other guns, making them much, much better than the ASM10. Not to say that it would be as good as them in the first place.

Time to Kill – 0.43 seconds

So there you have it, our Call of Duty Mobile weapons tier list. Got some other weapons in mind that deserve to be on the list? let us know below.

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