Call of Duty: Mobile Ranking Tips, Rank Up Fast Guide

Understand basics of the ranking system of Call of Duty Mobile and learn how you can rank up fast in the game to unlock everything!

The most anticipated mobile game of the year, Call of Duty: Mobile is finally here and we might for the very first time see a real challenger to PUBG mobile. Now you all might be interested in the ranking system of Call of Duty mobile and must be wondering how to rise to the ranks of soldiers.

So here we are with our guide to give you guys tips on ranking system and ranking up fast in the game.

Call of Duty: Mobile Ranking

First, take note that this game has 3 modes:

  • Battle Royale Mode
  • Zombie Mode
  • Multiplayer Mode

So all these modes have their own playing mechanics and systems but keep in mind that Multiplayer mode is the one you need to focus on if you are eyeing on high and fast rankings.

There are several rank tiers in the CoD Mobile as you are familiar through other battle royale games:

  1. Rookie (Rookie I – Rookie II – Rookie III)
  2. Veteran (Veteran I – Veteran II – Veteran III)
  3. Elite (Elite I – Elite II – Elite III)
  4. Pro (Pro I – Pro II – Pro III – Pro IV)
  5. Master (Master I – Master II – Master III – Master IV – Master V)
  6. Legendary

So all the new players who sign up for CoD mobile will start from Rookie tier and climb up the ladder as they earn more and more Ranking Points.

There are many things that the game takes into consideration to award players with ranking points. Now the most important thing to keep in mind is that ranking points are only given when you play Multiplayer mode.

In other modes you are not awarded any ranking points. Now, this increase in the ranking points depends upon 20% survival, 30% deaths and 50% on your kill stats. You will be rewarded ranking points after the calculation of these 3 factors.

You need to participate in rank matches of Call of Duty: Mobile multiplayer mode. To do this:

  • Tap on Multiplayer mode.
  • Now you will have two options; Rank Match and Casual Match
  • Click on Rank Match
  • After that Select your weapons that you will use to dominate the battlefield.
  • Click on Begin or Play Match.

In the leaderboards, the ranking of multiplayer and battle royale is also separated so in multiplayer, players are ranked according to their rank points and in battle royale players are ranked according to their wins and K/D ratio.

Every tier in CoD Mobile is divided into different sections and is separated by points. Like:

  • Master III = 4100 – 5000 Points
  • Master II = 3800 – 4100 Points
  • Master I = 3000 – 3400 Points

Here, Rookie, Veteran, and Elite have three sections. Pro has four while Master has five sections. Legendary is not divided into any sections and only the top 10 players of any server will be placed in this top tier.

How to Rank up fast
Now there are some things that you need to do if you want a fast level in CoD Mobile. Now the game has a mechanic to calculate your rank points on the basis of some predefined things.

It also depends on game mode so here is the most to least XP for different modes:

  • Hardpoint
  • Domination
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Free for All

After that, you need some strong weapons to get to high levels. We recommend using M4 or PDW are the strongest available guns right now and as you play more and more with a specific gun you will be able to master it and it will eventually help you with the rankings. Use those extra perks like UAV and counter UAV to get extra kills and XP.

For grenades use frag and flash-bang while for perks use hardwire and scavenger. They will help you get some extra kills as well. Now a strong skill that most of the players don’t even consider is the operative skill.

Yes, that’s is this extra perk you get on reaching a specific level of kills, like a flamethrower or something. We recommend you select Purifier as the operative skill as it will help you grab some extra kills as well.

Now these are all the things we extracted from the game till now. If the mechanics of the game change or some new things are added we will let you know.