Call of Duty Mobile Perks Guide – Best Perks, How To Unlock

In Call Of Duty Mobile, a lot of things that fans of the annual franchise are used to make a...

In Call Of Duty Mobile, a lot of things that fans of the annual franchise are used to make a return including Perks which allows you to modify your character in ways that make you more efficient during combat. This can be an increase in damage, quicker speed, more health recovery, and many other things.

Our Call of Duty Perks guide will focus on explaining all these perks and their benefits so let’s get started.

Call Of Duty Mobile Perks

The game has a total of 18 Perks that are further divided into 3 categories. You can equip only 3 at a time so we’ve prepared a list of every perk in the game as well as the best combinations that suit your playing style.

Fast Recover Perk: Boosts health recovery rate by 35%.
Unlock Requirement: Level 6.

Persistence Perk: Scorestreak progression doesn’t reset upon death. Scorestreak costs are doubled.
Unlock Requirement: Level 21.

Blast Vest Perk: 35% reduction in damage from explosions
Unlock Requirement: Level 28.

Skulker Perk: Move 12% faster when walking and crouching.
Unlock Requirement: Level 39.

Agile Perk: Increased speed of object mantling and 85% reduction in the aiming time of weapons after sprinting.
Unlock Requirement: Level 50.

Light Weight Perk: 10% Boost to Sprinting speed and huge reduction in fall damage
Unlock Requirement: Level 69.

Scavenger Perk: The amount of ammo you collect from dead foes is the number you can fit in your magazine.
Unlock Requirement: Level 12.

Harden Perk: 60% less flinching when taking damage
Unlock Requirement: Level 25.

Tracker Perk: Enemy footprints are visible for 4 seconds.
Unlock Requirement: Level 35.

Ghost Perk: You’re hidden from enemy UAVs
Unlock Requirement: Level 44.

Cold-Blooded Perk: Enemies can’t target you with AI-controlled Scorestreaks.
Unlock Requirement: Level 55.

Hard Wired Perk: You don’t trigger Trip Mines. You develop immunity to Counter-UAVs and EMP Grenades. Enemy Tracker perks have reduced effectiveness.
Unlock Requirement: Level 61.

Hardline Perk: 25% more points earned by killing enemies
Unlock Requirement: Level 17.

Tactical Mask Perk: 40% Reduction of the duration of tactical equipment effects
Unlock Requirement: Level 32.

Demo Expert Perk: 25% Boost to explosives damage
Unlock Requirement: Level 41.

Six Sense Perk: Enemy footsteps are easier to hear.
Unlock Requirement: Level 48.

Engineer Perk: Displays enemy equipment and scorestreaks. Re-rolls friendly Care Packages and booty trap enemy Care Packages.
Unlock Requirement: Level 58.

Dead Silence: Silent movement.
Unlock Requirement: Level 63.

Best Perks

Once you have all the perks at your disposal, you can decide the best combinations that suit your playing style. We’ve prepared some suggestions.

Aggressive: Fast Recover+ Scavenger+ Six Senses
Fast Recover is really important because it makes you recover lost health at a 35% faster rate which will come in handy if you’re engaging in a lot of fights. Scavenger is important because it makes you pick up ammo from the kills you’ve racked up while being aggressive and since you’re gonna be using a lot of bullets, you’ll need all the additional ammo you can get.

Six senses is handy because it makes the enemy’s footsteps louder which is quite helpful if you want to be aggressive and get kills.

Passive: Blast Vest+ Harden+ Hardline
Blast vest is important because it helps in tanking explosion damage, it basically reduces it by 35% which is needed for someone who’s gonna play passive and camp. Harden is important because it reduces the recoil from any sort of damage received by 60% which will help when you’re camping and being passive.

Hardline causes you to get more points from killing an enemy which is really helpful since you can’t compete with an aggressive player in the number of kills. This perk is important for campers if they need to stand toe to toe with the aggressive players.

Stealth: Lightweight+Ghost+Dead Silence
Lightweight increases the running speed by 10% and fall damage is greatly reduced which is what stealthy players need to pull a sneaky on their enemies.

Ghost makes it so that enemy’s UAVs don’t identify your position which is gonna be crucial if you want to play stealthily and not get found out by your enemies easily. Dead silence makes it so that the player makes no noise when moving which is a huge perk to have for a stealth playstyle. If they don’t hear you coming, they can not react

Frontline: Fast Recover+Hard Wired+ Tactical Mask
Fast Recover is important because a person fighting on the frontline will take loads of damage and it’ll be really helpful if he can recover from that damage faster , Hard wired makes it so that enemy’s counter UAVs and EMP grenades don’t work on you and you don’t set off any mines either which is helpful when you’re on the frontline.

Tactical Mask reduces the duration of any and all tactical equipment that is used on you by any enemy which would help when you’re being bombarded by them.