Call of Duty Games will “Absolutely” Have Female Characters in Future

Sledgehammer Games' head says that future games in Call of Duty series are definitely going to have female characters.

It has been over a decade since the first Call of Duty was launched; ever since then, the focus of the developers has been on creating tougher and more macho male characters that you go out to play with.

All that is going to change very soon!

It appears that Sledgehammer Games, the developer of COD Advanced Warfare, is going to bring in female characters to lead the insanely popular game!

Now this doesn’t mean the game is going to be taken over by a primarily female cast, but it still amounts to a major shift in the way things have been run in the franchise so far.

What is the reason for this, you might ask. Well, there have been some important changes in the warfare (and military) policies of the United States in the recent years. As a result of that, a greater number of female soldiers have been – and are being – inducted into the armed forces.

If that is the way real military forces are going, why should Call of Duty stay behind?

This was iterated by none other than Michael Condrey, the chief operating officer of Sledgehammer Games in an interview recently.

He was asked if there was a chance that we would see a change in the gender preferences of the game’s characters, and he said “absolutely.” Here’s the complete statement that he gave:

Absolutely. After speaking with military advisors, strong female characters, strong female military presences are gonna be in the future, and we’re seeing it today. So, absolutely you would expect to see that one day in Call of Duty.

This is, however, the opinion of one of the three studios making the games. The next Call of Duty is going to be developed by Treyarch, do you think they will follow what Condrey believes?

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