Call Of Duty Classic Maps Might Be Returning In Modern Warfare, Says Leak

Multiple Call of Duty classic maps might be returning in the upcoming Modern Warfare, according to a leaker on Twitter named TheGamingRevo.

A leak on Twitter has recently informed interested parties that some Call of Duty classic maps might be returning in the upcoming Modern Warfare game. The information comes from a Twitter exchange with TheGamingRevo, who claims that maps like Shipment, Rust, Terminal, and a new version of Network are coming.

Call of Duty has a wide variety of different maps that are favorites among its playerbase, such as Nuketown, which is present in every single Call of Duty: Black Ops game due to its close confines, varying lines of sight, and abundance of cover.

While there may be multiple Call of Duty classic maps involved, they’ll likely all be known by different names in Modern Warfare. TheGamingRevo claims that the new version of Shipment will be called Cargo instead, though he hasn’t elaborated on what other maps will also be included later.

Considering that the new Modern Warfare game is a reboot of the original game’s story, it stands to reason that Infinity Ward would also be revamping and changing the various well-known maps that were previously part of it, though hopefully there will be some brand-new maps, too.

While the information about the new maps hasn’t been confirmed by either Infinity Ward or Activision, there have been datamines from the PC Beta of the game that saw that the “Rust” map was mentioned in its coding.

Rust is another popular map in the Modern Warfare games, taking place in a fenced-in desert area around a rusty oil rig. Due to its small size games are fast-paced and intense, perfect for small party games.

However many Call of Duty classic maps end up coming along with the new Modern Warfare game, hopefully this will be a return to the stellar multiplayer experience that got Call of Duty into the position it is today as a powerhouse of first-person shooters. The game comes out October 25 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

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