Call of Duty: Black Ops Dedicated Server Settings Guide

If you own Call of Duty: Black Ops Dedicated Server, and want to figure out how to tweak your server settings. You can refer to the guide below.

If you own a Call of Duty: Black Ops Dedicated Server, and want to know how to tweak your server settings. You can refer to the guide below. Variable value “1” corresponds to “Enable” and “0” corresponds to “Disable”, the corresponding feature.

Call of Duty: Black Ops General Server Settings

scr_game_allowkillcam “1”
Enables the Kill Cam.

scr_player_forcerespawn “1”
Players respawn automatically after being fragged.

scr_team_fftype “0”
Enable or Disable Friendly Fire.

scr_game_spectatetype “1”
Enable or Disables Spec mode, putting “1” allows spectators to spectate match.

scr_hardcore “0”
Enable or Disable Hardcore Mode.

scr_player_healthregentime “5”
Time it takes you to recover damage.

scr_team_kickteamkillers “0”
Anyone who team kills, gets kicked automatically if you enable this feature.

scr_team_teamkillspawndelay “20”
Team Killer gets a respawn penalty of specified seconds (20).

scr_player_maxhealth “100”
Percent of Health players will have on Respawn.

playlist_enabled “0”
Enable or Disable playlist.

scr_player_sprinttime “4”
Sprint run time.

scr_player_suicidespawndelay “0”
Wait before you respawn if you committed suicide.

scr_teambalance “0”
Enable or Disable auto balance.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Server Client Settings

sv_disableClientConsole “0”
Enable or Disable players ability to access server commands.

sv_reconnectlimit “3”
How many times you can try to reconnect.

sv_timeout “240”
Timeout time period. You will timeout after (240) seconds when attempting to connect or if you are getting connection interruptions.

sv_zombietime “2”
Your idle time period before getting kicked.

g_inactivity “0”
Enable or Disable auto kick feature for idle/AFK players.

g_allowvote “1”
Allow Vote.

sv_floodProtect “4”

Chat Spam Protection.

sv_maxPing “0”
Max Ping allowed.

sv_maxRate “25000”
Max rate on server.

sv_minPing “0”
Minimum Ping allowed.

sv_maxclients “30”
Maximum players that can’t enter server.

sv_privateClients “0”
Private reserved slots on server.

sv_pure “1”

sv_kickBanTime “300”
Kick Ban Duration. Time before player can re-join the server after getting kicked.

sv_vac “1”
Enable/Disable VAC anti cheat tool.

Call of Duty: Black Ops KillStreaks Server Settings

scr_game_hardpoints “1”
Hardcore Scoring System.

scr_game_killstreaks “1”
Enable/Disable Killstreak rewards.

scr_hardpoint_allowdogs “1”
Enable/Disable Attack Dogs Killstreak.

scr_hardpoint_allowhelicopter_comlink “1”
Helicopter Com Link

scr_hardpoint_allowradardirection “1”
Radar Direction

scr_hardpoint_allowsupply “1”
Care Package

scr_hardpoint_allowhelicopter_gunner “1”
Helicopter Gunner

scr_hardpoint_allowcounteruav “1”
Counter Spy Plane

scr_hardpoint_allowhelicopter_player “1”

scr_hardpoint_allowmortar “1”
Mortar Team

scr_hardpoint_allownapalm “1”
Napalm Airstrike

scr_hardpoint_allowrcbomb “1”
RC-XD Bomb

scr_hardpoint_allowairstrike “1”
Air Strike

scr_hardpoint_allowauto_turret “1”
Auto Turret

scr_hardpoint_allowradar “1”
Allow Radar

Call of Duty: Black Ops Sever Tweaks

g_deadChat “0”
Enable or Disable the ability to read dead chat – chat of people who have been fragged.

scr_game_allowfinalkillcam “1”
Enable/Disable Game Winning Kill Killcam.

scr_team_allowHardpointStreakAfterDeath “0”
Enable/Disable Killstreak after Death. Player resumes the killstreak even after being fragged.

scr_game_allowkillcam “1”
Allow Killcam.

g_allow_teamchange “1”
Allow players to change teams.

scr_player_allowrevive “1”
Allow players to revive each other.

scr_team_artilleryTeamKillPenalty “0.25”
If you kill your team member with artillery strike, this amount of percent of your artillery time gets deducted. Logical ?

scr_game_deathpointloss “0”
Points Loss on death – Cod Points.

scr_team_fftype “0”

scr_game_onlyheadshots “0”
Enable/Disable Only Headshots mode. You can only kill players by taking headshots.

scr_player_healthregentime “5”
Health regeneration time, time it takes for blood splatter to be removed from the screen.

scr_team_teamkillspawndelay “20”
Team Kill respawn penalty, in seconds.

scr_player_maxhealth “100”
Players starts with this amount of health in percentage.

scr_team_mortarTeaTeamKillPenalty “0.25”
Mortar Air Strike Team Kill Penalty, time deducted.

scr_game_prematchperiod “15”
Time before match starts. Strat time?

scr_game_allowfinalkillcam “1”
Allow Final Kill Killcam.

g_speed “190”
Player speed, speed at which player can move.

scr_player_sprinttime “4”
Sprint time, duration a player can run.

scr_game_suicidepointloss “0”
Suicide penalty in cod points.

scr_player_suicidespawndelay “0”
Respawn wait after suicide.

scr_teambalance “0”
Enable or Disable Auto Balance.

scr_team_teamkillpointloss “1”
Cod Points Penalty for Team Kill.

scr_team_teamkillspawndelay “20”
Respawn penalty in time, after team kill.

scr_team_teamkillerplaylistbanpenalty “0”
Add the team killer to the ban list.

scr_team_teamkillerplaylistbanquantum “0”

Call of Duty: Black Ops Server VoIP Settings

voice_deadChat “0”
Enable/Disable voice over IP chat when a player is dead.

voice_global “0”
Enable/Disable the use of in-game voice over IP.

sv_voicequality “3”
Voice Quality, 3 for high, 1 for low. More bandwidth better quality.

g_voiceChatTalkingDuration “500”
Duration you can chat.

sv_voice “1”

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Capture the Flag – Gametype Server Settings

scr_ctf_globalbattlechatterprobability “0”

scr_ctf_enemycarriervisible “0”
Where is the flag carrier, spot visible on radar.

scr_ctf_flagrespawntime “0”
Time before a captured flag respawns.

scr_ctf_idleflagreturntime “30”
Time before a dropped flag returns to its default location if not picked.

scr_ctf_numlives “0”
Number of lives per player – 0 for unlimited.

scr_ctf_playerrespawndelay “0”
Respawn wait in seconds.

scr_ctf_roundlimit “3”
How many rounds match would last.

scr_ctf_roundswitch “1”
Rounds before the teams switch sides.

scr_ctf_scorelimit “3”
Target score before the round ends.

scr_ctf_timelimit “5”
Round length.

scr_ctf_touchreturn “1”
Ability to return the flag by touching it.

scr_ctf_waverespawndelay “15”

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Demolition – Gametype Server Settings

scr_dem_globalbattlechatterprobability “0”

scr_dem_bombtimer “45”
Time the bomb takes to detonate.

scr_dem_defusetime “5”
Time taken to defuse the bomb.

scr_dem_extratime “3”

scr_dem_numlives “0”
Lives per player – 0 for unlimited.

scr_dem_planttime “5”
Time it takes to plant a bomb in seconds.

scr_dem_roundlimit “0”
Rounds the game is limited to, if there are no winners.

scr_dem_roundswitch “1”
Rounds before the teams switch the sides.

scr_dem_scorelimit “2”
Score limit needed to win.

scr_dem_timelimit “2.5”
Round time limit.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Domination – Gametype Server Settings

scr_dom_globalbattlechatterprobability “0”

scr_dom_flagcapturetime “10”
Time in seconds to capture a flag.

scr_dom_numlives “0”
Lives per player – 0 for unlimited.

scr_dom_playerrespawndelay “0”
Duration of time you wait to respawn.

scr_dom_roundlimit “1”
Rounds played per game.

scr_dom_scorelimit “200”
Score limit per game.

scr_dom_timelimit “0”
Duration in minutes per round.

scr_dom_waverespawndelay “0”
Spawn delay at start.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Free For All – Gametype Server Settings

scr_dm_globalbattlechatterprobability “100”

scr_dm_bonus_leader “0”

scr_dm_numlives “0”
Lives per player – 0 for unlimited.

scr_dm_playerrespawndelay “0”
Time in seconds – wait to respawn.

scr_dm_roundlimit “1”
Round limit.

scr_dm_score_assist “0”
Points allotted for an assist.

scr_dm_score_death “0”
Points allotted for dying.

scr_dm_score_headshot “0”
Points for headshot.

scr_dm_score_kill “50”
Points for a kill.

scr_dm_scorelimit “1500”
Points needed to win the game.

scr_dm_score_suicide “0”
Points allotted for suicide.

scr_dm_timelimit “10”
Duration the game lasts in minutes – when the score limit isn’t reached.

scr_dm_waverespawndelay “0”
Delay before the first respawn in the first round.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Headquarters – Gametype Server Settings

scr_koth_globalbattlechatterprobability “0”

scr_koth_numlives “0”
Number of lives per game – 0 for unlimited.

scr_koth_playerrespawndelay “0”
Players respawn wait.

scr_koth_roundlimit “1”
Rounds to be played.

scr_koth_roundswitch “1”
Rounds to be played before teams switch sides.

scr_koth_scorelimit “250”
Score limit to win the game.

scr_koth_timelimit “15”
Duration in minutes the game will continue if the score isn’t reached.

scr_koth_waverespawndelay “0”
First respawn delay for each round.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Sabotage – Gametype Server Settings

scr_sab_globalbattlechatterprobability “0”

scr_sab_bombtimer “30”
Duration in seconds the bomb takes to detonate.

scr_sab_defusetime “5”
Time taken to defuse the bomb.

scr_sab_hotpotato “0”
One bomb that the teams must fight over. One defending and one have to plant at the site.

scr_sab_numlives “0”
Number of lives players get.

scr_sab_planttime “2.5”
Time taken to plant the bomb.

scr_sab_playerrespawndelay “7.5”
Time before respawn.

scr_sab_roundlimit “1”
Rounds per game.

scr_sab_roundswitch “1”
Rounds needed to be played before the teams switch sides.

scr_sab_scorelimit “1”
Score limit to win the match.

scr_sab_timelimit “10”
Duration in minutes the game lasts if the score limit isn’t reached.

scr_sab_waverespawndelay “0”
Time delay for first respawn before the game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Search and Destroy – Gametype Server Settings

scr_sd_globalbattlechatterprobability “0”

scr_sd_bombtimer “45”
Time taken for the bomb to detonate.

scr_sd_defusetime “5”
Time taken to defuse the bomb.

scr_sd_game_spectatetype “3”
Allow team spectate.

scr_sd_multibomb “0”
Allow more than one bomb.

scr_sd_numlives “1”
Number of lives per player per game.

scr_sd_planttime “5”
Time taken to plant the bomb.

scr_sd_playerrespawndelay “0”
Respawn wait.

scr_sd_roundlimit “0”
Rounds the game is limited to – 0 for unlimited.

scr_sd_roundswitch “3”
Rounds to be played before the teams switch sides.

scr_sd_scorelimit “4”
Score limit required to win the game.

scr_sd_timelimit “2.5”
Time limit if the score limit isn’t reached.

scr_sd_waverespawndelay “0”
Delay for first respawn.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Team Deathmatch – Gametype Server Settings

scr_tdm_globalbattlechatterprobability “0”

scr_tdm_bonus_leader “0”
Top Player on the leaderboard gets this much bonus.

scr_tdm_numlives “0”
Number of lives per player – 0 for unlimited.

scr_tdm_playerrespawndelay “0”
Respawn wait.

scr_tdm_roundlimit “1”
Rounds per game.

scr_tdm_score_assist “50”
Points awarded for an assist.

scr_tdm_score_death “0”
Points awarded for death.

scr_tdm_score_headshot “0”
Headshot reward.

scr_tdm_score_kill “100”
Points awarded for a kill.

scr_tdm_scorelimit “7500”
Score limit to win the game.

scr_tdm_score_suicide “0”
Score awarded for suicide.

scr_tdm_timelimit “10”
Duration in minutes for the game to end if the score limit isn’t reached.

scr_tdm_waverespawndelay “0”
Duration is seconds before the first respawn in each round.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Playlist Dvars

playlist_enabled “0”
Reserved slots for players in playlist.

playlist_excludeMap “mapname”
Exclude this map from the server rotation. Type in the map name shortname.

playlist_excludeGametype “”
Exclude this gametype, type in the gametype shortname.

playlist_excludeGametypeMap “”
Exclude this gametype map, type in the map shortname.

Map Names and Abbreviations
Havana: MP_CAIRO
Jungle: MP_HAVOC
Nuke Town: MP_NUKED

Gametype Names and Abbreviations
Free-for-All: DM
Team Deathmatch: TDM
Search and Destroy: SD
Domination: DOM
Sabotage: SAB
Capture the Flag: CTF
Headquarters: KOTH
Demolition: DEM

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