Year-Long Call Of Duty Battle Pass Now Under Consideration

The existing Call of Duty battle pass subscription may possibly be extended for future installments in the franchise as well as Call of Duty: Warzone.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, known Call of Duty leaker ModernWarzone shared a survey conducted recently by publisher Activision which asks respondents to enter a suitable price for a potential Call of Duty battle pass subscription.

The survey notes that the subscription price will cover an entire year worth of digital content and include a complete Call of Duty game. That and the suggested subscription price should be higher than $70 since $70 would alone cover the retail price of a new Call of Duty release.

Call of Duty games have been running battle passes for a long time. The most recent Black Ops Cold War as well as Warzone are both receiving new battle passes with each new season.

What Activision appears to be considering here is to simply add a new subscription option where players can pay for all battle passes of a year (and the base game itself) and save an amount at the same time, which may as well be granted as a pre-order option as well.

Take note that survey questions should not be taken as a guarantee. However, a year-long Call of Duty battle pass would not be surprising at all.

Taking Warzone as an example, each season lasts about two months on average to account for six seasons in a year. That roughly comes around to $60 in addition to a $70 base game. Activision may as well be charging anything between $100 – $120 and let players access a couple of seasons for free.

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