Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Crashes, Low FPS, Errors, Graphics, Performance, Stuttering and Textures Fixes

List of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare crashes, low fps, graphics and performance tweaks, stuttering, lag and texture bugs with workarounds and fixes.

Every year we get to play a new Call of Duty game and this year is no different. This time, however, the game has some new elements for us in the form of Exo-Suits and some advanced gadgets.

Not to mention that fan favorite Kaven Spacey is also there to spice things up in the single-player campaign. All is looking good for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, but some PC users seem to have been devoid of all the fun due to errors, bugs, crashes and launch issues.

I won’t say that the game is full of those issues but still there have been reports about some problems that are needed to be addressed. Like always, we have shortlisted the common problems being faced by the users along with their possible fixes.

Feel free to browse through the following listing to fix those issues.

#1 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Crashes After 5-10 Minutes Due to Driver
If updating or rolling back drivers for your GPU doesn’t help. Try doing a clean install for your drivers. Also, if you are using third party programs like any game recorder or any other related utility, try disabling them.

If your PC is overclocked and you are getting high temperature, try lowering it to the default values as overheating can cause the game to crash randomly.


#2 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Crashes With Unrecoverable DirectX Error
If you are encountering this error, try running the dxsetup from the redist folder in the game’s directory. Restart your PC and it should work fine. Just make sure that you are using the latest version of your GPU drivers.

#3 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Game Crashes With Memory Error
If you are experiencing crashes related to memory, you need to turn off the Page File and then turn it on. This time, set the option to system managed size. This should fix the issue.

#4 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Nvidia SLI Fix
For the time being, you might face issues to make both your GPUs work for Advanced Warfare. In that case, you can use this profile or try the other fixes mentioned in there.

#5 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Textures Error Fix
If your game is being crashed because of textures or your are getting some error related to them, try disabling Cache Spot Shadow Maps and Cache Sun Shadow Maps in settings menu.

#6 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Performance Fix, Low FPS and Graphics
Advanced Warfare is a game that will demand maximum out of your PC to give you satisfactory results. If you are getting relatively poor performance, first thing you should see whether your GPU drivers are up to date or not.

If they are up to date, try lowering the settings from the graphics menu. Many users have reported that disabling Cache Spot Shadow Maps and Cache Sun Shadow Maps gave them a significant improvement boost.

If you are on a laptop, you should make sure that your game is being run using the dedicated video memory and not the integrated one.

#7 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Microstuttering Fix
If you are experiencing microstuttering/screen tearing even with the updated drivers, try turning off Shader Pre-load Options from the settings menu.

Also, you could try running the game in bordless window and see if the stutter goes away.

#8 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – How to fix Muddy Textures Issue
Again, it’s another issue seems related to Cache Sun Shadow Maps and Cache Spot Shadow Maps. Disable them and see if the problem is fixed as it has worked for some.

#9 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Processor Fix/Workaround
If your Processor isn’t powerful enough to run the game (below minimum requirements or barely equal), you can try using this fix to atleast make the game run. Use it on your own risk though as doesn’t really always work.

#10 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Cutscene Audio Sync Issue
First thing you could try is update your audio card drivers. If that doesn’t help, try disabling supersampling from the graphics menu as it seemed to be the cause of the problem for some users.

There is also a temporary fix for this problem. Just skip the cutscene first time and when the mission starts, restart it and the video might work properly for the second time.

#11 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Dxtory Crashes the Game
For the time being, your game will crash if you try to run Dxtory before or after you launch the game. There is no fix for the time being so you might want to use another tool. And if you have found a fix of your own, do let us know in the comments below.

#12 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Performance Improvement
There are a few things you can try to avoid random crashes and improve performance:

First, open up your config file in game directory/players 2 folder. Then add the following commands to it:

seta r_elevatedPriority “1”

This command is meant to improve the priority number for the CPU.

seta r_preloadShadersAfterCinematic “0”

This command will make the shaders load during cinematic. Make sure that you make a backup of your original config before making any changes to it so that if things go wrong, you can restore your default settings.

#13 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Mic Not Working In-Game
If you have both your headphones and speakers on, try making your headphones as default input device or unplug your speakers. This should resolve the problem.

#14 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Mouse Fix
If you are having weird movements with your mouse like severe mouse jumps, you need to download software for your mouse if you haven’t already and then set the mouse report rate to 125. This should resolve the issue.

#15 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – How to Fix Long Loading Times
Go to the options, video settings and disable Shader Caching. This might also help you to fix sound syncing problem.

If you come across any other issues, comment and we will help you out!

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