Call of Cthulhu Beginners Guide – Recommended Skills, Sanity, Stealth

This Call of Cthulhu Beginners Guide is aimed to help you survive better in the dark world of Darkwater Island. Our guide will help you take the correct decisions you may need to escape from this scary hell.

Call of Cthulhu Beginners Guide

Call of Cthulhu (2018) features an immersive and deep dialogue tree system, allowing you to deal with every situation in the game in a variety of manners.

With this Tree System and the new Upgrade System, the game will try to suck you in as deeply in the abyss as possible. Our Beginners Guide will help you in your journey to survive the otherworldly onslaught. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Recommended Skills

You must plan all your development in the game. Remember that there aren’t enough Skill Points to unlock and fully develop every single skill in the game. You will need to be cautious with how you spend your Skill Points.

You should focus on the skills you think will become useful for you. Of course, that might be difficult at first but as you progress in the game, you should begin to understand the game’s pattern.

Do note that the game doesn’t feature any fights. So… yeah! Some of the skills you should definitely invest on are:

The investigation skill is a very useful skill that allows you to open locks with lockpicks. This ability also improves your detective skills.

You can use Investigation to investigate events of the past, examine items left in a crime scene, or reach otherwise inaccessible places.

You can only invest points in Medicine and Occultism at the beginning of the game. Therefore, you should focus on putting some points in them. You can only upgrade them later on with certain items.

If you invest a certain amount of Skill Points in Occultism, you will unlock one of the endings of the game. If you invest a certain amount of Skill Points in Medicine, though, you will get a dialogue line during the story.

Spot Hidden
You should focus on the skill “Spot Hidden” because this skill will let you find objects that are hidden in the game.

Strength Doesn’t Matter
The game does not really allow any form of combat. The closest thing to combat you’ll get to do is, well, running away from people, and uh, threatening NPCs. Don’t put too many points into “Strength” unless you really wish to threaten NPCs.


The game is based entirely on a hide-n-seek mechanism. You find items, you win. The enemies find you, well, you lose. Enemies can detect you even in the most hard-to-spot places.

If an enemy has spotted you, you will need to run away from the enemy because, well, you cannot really fight back. Instead of hiding in a locker or something, try to shake off your pursuers by vanishing from their point of vision.

Tips and Tricks

Some of the extra tips I would give you are:

  • Speak to NPCs over and over again as you progress over the storyline. You will realize that you have unlocked a whole lot more dialog options. You can even hire investigators to do work for you.
  • Use a lamp or a lighter to light up rooms. Using a lamp requires oil but gives you more light than a lighter. A lighter provides less light but has infinite oil. So try to use a lighter more than a lamp.
  • You can not manually save your game. The game will automatically save your game before, or during, key moments. Key moments include completing an objective or entering a room you haven’t been in before.
  • The game will change depending on your character’s sanity. The more you learn of the secrets of the mansion, the more your character will lose his grip on reality. Your sanity level will also determine your game’s ending.
  • Interact with everything if you do not care about your sanity. The more you learn about your world, the more the dialog options you unlock in the world, when speaking with NPCs. Some of the items are even related to Achievements/Trophies.

And that is all for our short Tips and Tricks Guide for Call of Cthulhu. Be sure to check it again from time to time, we will try to update it with more material afterward.

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