Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Campaign Introduces a Central Hub Which is Fully Explorable

The Call of Duty Infinite Warfare campaign uses The Retribution as the central hub for seamless integration of missions with less load times.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is much different from the past entries in the series and that doesn’t just include the space based setting. The Call of Duty Infinite Warfare campaign is also going to play out much differently with less load times and for the first time, a central hub.

This will be a fully explorable central hub, or in other words, main ship. The Retribution is not only going to play as main base of the character but also as a central point where you can go to switch between missions seamlessly.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Campaign Uses Retribution as Central Hub

The developers explained how exactly this is going to work in a post on the official website of Activision that generally covers everything you need to know about the game.

Here’s what role The Retribution plays in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare campaign:

Throughout the campaign, the Retribution will serve as a central hub for players between missions and as they travel to various destinations. The environment can be explored and will evolve as the events of the story unfold. From the Retribution, players can launch story missions or raids on enemy ships.

During the campaign, players will also pilot an advanced space combat-ready fighter known as a Jackal in intense in-atmosphere and zero-g dogfights. What’s more, the experience has been designed to be seamless as you transition from fighting on the ground, into ships, and to and from the Retribution with few visible loading times.

So basically, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare campaign is going to be the first one of the series that goes to such a length to reduce load times between missions.

Despite all the negative sentiments that a large number of the fans have for the game’s reveal trailer, it is still the most liked Call of Duty reveal trailer on YouTube, does any of that or the new details that are being shared about the game change your mind about it?

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