Burnout 6 is Not Coming, Developers Are Working On Other Projects

There won't be a Burnout 6 anytime in the near future, according to the official Criterion Games Twitter page. The studio is working on other projects.

If you’re one of the many people that loved the lovingly stupid destruction that came with the Burnout games, you’re in for some disappointment if you were looking forward to Burnout 6. A Twitter exchange between a fan and the official Criterion Games Twitter account revealed that the studio has no plans for a new Burnout game in the future.

Unfortunately for the game’s fanbase, that means you won’t be smashing other racers against the sides of buildings, getting taken out by ill-timed cars coming the opposite direction, or doing death-defying stunts…that turn out to not be so death-defying as you smash your car to bits.

Whatever Criterion is working on for the moment has only had a tentative reveal at E3 2014, and the studio has given us no idea of what they’ve been doing since Burnout Paradise came out in 2008.

While that game got rave reviews across the board, there’s no telling why Criterion’s publisher Electronic Arts doesn’t want another. The E3 2014 game likely won’t even come out after EA apparently cancelled it.

Of course, EA canning various series is nothing new, especially when it came to well-liked and popular series that nevertheless were not as profitable as EA wanted, such as the Dead Space series, the story of which will likely never have a resolution due to the poor sales generated by EA mangling the game until it failed upon release.

Any racing craze that Burnout may have been part of is now gone in the face of other games like Gran Turismo and Forza, so maybe EA thinks that there’s no real reason for a Burnout 6 to come out. They might listen if there’s enough fan demand for it, but for now, it seems that EA just wants Criterion working on something else.

So if you still have your older Burnout games, you should probably get used to playing them over and over, because until Criterion says otherwise, we won’t be getting a Burnout 6 or any sort of spinoff.

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