Bungie Reveals Exact Release Time For Destiny: House of Wolves

The official Bungie Twitter account kicked into action today, announcing the exact timing as to when House of Wolves will release for Destiny.

“House of Wolves will be released at 10 AM Pacific on May 19th. Today, we’re deploying final pre-load.” wrote Bungie.

There are many eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming new expansion pack for Destiny. Such folks can now mark the exact moment when they will be able to gain access to the new content.

House of Wolves is going to be the second major content pack for Bungie’s popular shooter. The developer has been vigorously promoting its contents for the past month in the shape of weekly streams. We’ve gotten to see the new Prison of Elders in action, which is the new endgame cooperative Arena mode where teams of three players take on waves of enemies that increase in difficulty with each turn. Successful completion results in players being rewarded with high-level legendary and exotic items.

As well as the game’s new multiplayer event called Trials of Osiris. The weekly elimination event is going to pit two teams of three against each other where “the more wins your team accumulates, the greater your rewards.”

There’s still much more that players will be able to clamp their hands around when the DLC releases on May 19 for all platforms. It’s included with the game’s Expansion Pass or can be purchased separately for $20.

Source Twitter

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