Bungie Has Started Looking “Beyond Destiny” for Its Next Major Project

The Destiny franchise has proven to be most lucrative for Bungie and Activision. The developer is now thinking about its next project.

The Destiny franchise has proven to be most lucrative for Bungie and Activision. Both of the first and second installments have enjoyed incredible launch numbers, with millions of players lining up to take on the duties of the Guardians. While the developer is still going to be busy supporting the recently released sequel for at least the next couple of years, it is also brainstorming for its next major project.

Speaking with BBC in a recent interview, studio co-founder Jason Jones revealed that Bungie has started “to look at what is beyond Destiny” and the franchise as a whole.

He noted that doing something new always carries the risk of being ignored by the masses. Destiny, with its conceived hybrid online infrastructure to sustain the shared world, was also a major jump forward that had the likelihood of falling short. In the end, such risks are worth taking if you want to surprise everyone.

“You could make your hand very tired writing down all the risks going into a new game project, but unless you’re taking risks then you’re not going to do something people care about,” Jones stated.

He did not reveal as to what Bungie wants to do next. Considering the success of the Destiny franchise, it is possible that the studio is going to remain in the science-fiction genre. Then again, the writing team may want a change of setting to open their creativity floodgates.

Jones, though, did highlight that Bungie has been learning from the feedback of the community. The first Destiny had a lackluster story-line, an aspect that the developer placed a large focus on in the sequel for commendable results. The storytelling experience may further improve by the time the studio is done with its new project.

There is still time before Bungie steps forward to reveal whatever it is working on. It is currently busy in preparing the post-release expansion packs for Destiny 2. The sequel is also scheduled to arrive for PC next week.

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